Friday, March 25, 2011

The Perfect Boiled Egg

Rumor has it that our pasture-raised eggs are hard to peel.

I would most definitely agree with that statement.

My girls love to eat and snack on boiled eggs and I'm delighted to feed them to them. However, I use to secretly dread making them because I never knew if they were going to "turn out" or not.

Through trial and error I believe I have found a way to boil and peel our eggs perfectly- as opposed to looking like you got the shell off with a hammer and a chisel.

Step 1: Place your eggs in a saucepan and cover with water about an inch about the eggs on HIGH heat. **IMPORTANT: SPRINKLE SEA SALT IN THE WATER.**

Step 2: Once your eggs begin to boil, reduce heat to medium (so that they won't crack) and set a timer for 9 minutes. Continue to let eggs boil on medium heat.

Step 3: Once timer goes off. Remove eggs from heat.

Step 4: Immediately place eggs into cool water and let water run over them.

Step 5: Lightly tap egg on the counter top to loosen the shell up.

Step 6: THIS IS THE TRICK: There is a layer of skin between the shell and the egg white called the "inner membrane". This tends to be a little thicker on pasture-raised eggs. But THIS is the trick. You have to find that skin and get under it and peel that off along with the egg shell. It should come off relatively easy once you find it and should pull the shell off at the same time.

Step 7: Find a sweet little helper. This really is a great way to get kids to help you in the kitchen. Once they get the hang of peeling eggs, its a piece of cake for them. My girls LOVE to peel eggs.

Step 8: The final product is shear beauty.

And tastes mighty delicious too!

AND you can also save the egg shells and use them as a natural plant fertilizer and sprinkle them in your garden.


Heather said...

Egg shells are also good down the disposal...they help keep the blades sharp!

Sarah said...

I have trouble peeling farm fresh eggs too! I will try this next time. Thanks for the pointers!

Bob & Judy said...

Lyns, I don't know if it will help with your wonderful fresh eggs, this works for them store-boughten ones. Tap to break the shells and make sure that that's a break in the "skin". Then drop them back in warm water for a minute or so. I guess the water finds its way under the membrane, and they peel easily.

Anonymous said...

That's how I always peeled hard boiled eggs though!


Anonymous said...

I honestly have never found them hard to peel. Just good!

Mrs. H. said...

Thank you!!! I have raised my first flock of chickens from day olds and they have been laying for about 2 months now. Love those fresh eggs! But the first time I hard boiled some for deviled eggs I was SO disappointed. I had the hardest time peeling them. Thank you for these tips and I can't wait to try again. :-)

Found your blog through your sister-in-law Heather. Anson was on our soccer team in CS. Love them. :-)

homemoma said...

i have sometimes problems with home eggs and the membrane gets stuck on the egg white and peels off with it (no difference if i scare the eggs with cold water or not). so frustrating. i have heard that this is problem with very fresh eggs (that is why store eggs always have loose shell).

Kimberly said...

Thanks for this tidbit! We always dread the look of our farm eggs as well. I sure have enjoyed your heart for Jesus and the desire to raise children who are mighty in Spirit!

crystal.cattle said...

Thank-you so much for this. I never know how long to boil them for and I love hard boiled eggs, especially on salads.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post. We recently started purchasing farm fresh eggs and I have the same problem. Mine always look butchered in the end so I am going to try this! Found your blog and I am adding you to my sidebar. Great stuff.

jen said...

hi there! Just found your blog and had to comment about your egg troubles. The problem is that your eggs are too fresh. Let them sit in your fridge for at least a week before you even try to hard boil them. Two week old eggs are perfect for hard-boiling and easy-peeling!

amy said...

Hi there! Happened upon your post and thought I'd share an egg peeling tip that has worked for us (we raise chickens too). I used to have the same problem. Next time try this: Before dropping in the water, poke a small hole in the shell with a tack or needle. Boil as usual. I think you'll be surprised how easy they peel, I was! They peel perfect, no need to worry about the membrane even. Good luck!