Monday, March 14, 2011

who said.....

Let's talk about this picture for a minute shall we??

Who said my baby could grow up this fast??

There she sits; in the wheel of tractor.

Toothless and all.

With her big girl-haired self.

It's just not right. It's just SOOOO not right.

I love this little girl. She is my buddy. My sidekick is she.

Whatever I'm doing, she is usually right beside me doing the same or an even more awesome version.

She started cracking jokes too.

And she has such a funny sense of humor. She laughs watching "Nacho Libre" in all of the right parts. Oh how I love this girl.

I keep begging her to stay on the farm with me forever. I've even bribed her with the possibility of her very own ALL-pink cottage. But, she just laughs and says she is a city girl.

This momma thinks she looks mighty beautiful sitting there in that wheel of a tractor.

And in case we need one more reminder....

look at this little girl. She has officially entered girl-hood.

This photo says it all.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I miss her so much. I love her sweet spirit and gusto for life. Never afraid to try new things and do them well. Let's concentrate on letting her know what a sweet spirit she has and NOT let her know that she is so beautiful on the outside. Farmer Jason had better get out the shotgun. Love from Nog.

Jana said...

I just keep you know how much money people pay to try and get their hair to look that gorgeous??? :)

Anonymous said...

She is beautiful and growing up so fast!



Anonymous said...

oh my goodness..u know i can barely type thru my tears in my eyes..had to read it twice..oh how grandma loves kaylyn grace kramer..reminds me of a little girl that was my sweet friend named lynsey d'ann and still is.. what a great job her mom and dad have done bringing up all their daughters up in this world..they truly are a gift from our GOD... love you forever.. like you for always..remember always my baby you will mom

Kirby said...

She is oh, so beautiful and getting oh, so big!

mandi said...

Mmm hmm. She looks too big. When she was with me the other day, I couldn't get over hearing the conversations she and Dylin were having. Such big talk for our babies!

QuiltedSimple said...

they grow up too fast, don't they? she looks so much older......get out the shotgun!!! lol.