Monday, May 30, 2011

Sisters Playing

A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost. ~Marion C. Garretty

It's not always roses and sunshine around here.

Our life is not perfect. It's perfectly imperfect.

And I'm so thankful for the gift of living this life; my life. And not just living it as merely to survive it. But, living to embrace it for all it's perfections and imperfections.

Praying that in the perfect moments I overflow with thankfulness.

Praying that in the imperfect moments I produce growth.......and humility. By His grace alone.

I captured one of those "thankful" moments the other day. I'm trying to be better about that and seizing the opportunity to just stop. and. pause.

"Take it ALL in and slow down," I have to remind myself.

Looking through the lens of a camera helps me do that. I see things I want to forever remember and never ever forget.

How little chubby knuckles held both Thomas'.

How her face was fixated when caught in a moment of creativity.

How sister smiles and belly button parties looked.

Snapshots that I want to etch in my memory when the years have gone by and I'm trying to remember how it once was in this season.

These pictures will one day make me cry- I'm sure of it. What seems as "everyday" now, will one day be but a memory and a photograph.

There is so much more life to behold and take in. But, I want to pause and remember the moments as we meander through it.


Anonymous said...

What sweet and precious pictures!



Jennifer Bacak said...

Oh, so true! I need to go grab my camera right now! My pics won't look like yours though. :)

mandi said...

Why are you making me cry??? This was beautiful. Just beautiful.

Anonymous said...

oh my oh my...capture every minute every precious second it will slip away so proud i am for you and your loving care you are giving to my precious grandgirls.. you are wonderful in everyway and GOD's love shows through you and passed on to kaylyn grace,laney rae,ruthie claire,& exie you

Kayla said...

oh how precious! These are some of my favorite girls for sure. I know these sweet pictures will be treasured by you and them in the years to come......what are we gonna do sis?? they are all growing up so fast!
Love you!
squeeze all the girls for me!

Kristina Clemens said...

Beautiful sentiments! I'm always trying to be in the moment with my three children...I'm blessed...God is faithful...what more could I ask? =)
Kristina J.

Rebecca said...

This is ALL so 'true!' Sniff!
I saw you over at Flower Patch thee other day. I'm new to the scene. I have a mommy/farm/faith/life in general blog too!


The Currie Family said...

this made me teary because I know how true this is!! One day I will miss this season of our life and it will be all over, never to be again! sniff, sniff. Love all the sweet pictures.