Monday, May 5, 2008


A few days ago our oldest daughter, Kaylyn, came up to me with these 'onion flowers' in her hand that she had picked from our garden. They were accompanied by the sweetest phrase that has came from her mouth to date.

"Mommy," Kaylyn said holding the flowers behind her back.

"Yes, baby. What is it?" I said.

"I need to tell you a what," she continued.

"What?" I said back to her knowing where she was headed with this.

"I love you. That's my what," she said as Kaylyn unveiled the flowers from behind her back and placed them in my hands.

This phrase made my heart sing. I love when children innocently mix up phrases and words. There is nothing like it. But, to hear your child tell you that they love you all by themselves is priceless.


QuiltedSimple said...

How precious!!!! Aren't children the most wonderful, giving souls ever? Some adults could learn alot from children,

Steph said...

So sweet. Her mixed up phrase is the cutest, not to mention the I love you. :)

Marcus and Meg Asby said...

Your blog is going to be bad for my baby fever . . .

Anonymous said...

how precious she is..enjoy every minute of it...they grow-up too fast...then also at times not fast enuf..truly i am blessed many times over with my 3 sweet grandbabies...and their sweet sweet you