Friday, May 23, 2008

Busy Good Times

We are in the midst of getting ready for vacation! Woooohoooo!

We are spending a week camping at Garner State Park with 7 other families. This trip would only be possible because my sister and brother in law are going to live on the farm for a week taking care of things........things that are too many to even list. We are so appreciative of them. "Thank you" doesn't even cut it.

I'm also thankful to get to have farmer Jason all to ourselves.

I've been beyond busy getting the camper ready, the house packed, and the house cleaned and ready for my sister's family to live here the week. On top of that, I have two weddings when I get back. One of the weddings is the day after we get back.

These are my last and final weddings this season in my life- for the next few years anyways. Our family isn't getting any smaller and neither is the farm. The Lord has made it very clear to me that this is something that needs to go right now. I've held it very loosely in my hands from the beginning, so I'm good with that. I know that the Lord will continue to grow and use my gift in other areas of my life. My love and passion for photography will never cease. It is part of me.

Besides, I have plenty of photo opps between my family and the farm animals. There is always something to shoot and uniquely capture within my midst.

All of this is to say, I've been busy!

But, this next week, the plan is to RELAX, float down the Frio River, and have a good time with friends. It is beyond beautiful there. I had no idea a place this beautiful existed in Texas.

Jason and I have discovered something weird about us. It is a good weird thing. We are overly nice and giddy to each other while preparing for vacation. It almost sounds as if we are right out of a 50s sitcom or something.

"Darling Jason dear. Would you care to load those chairs up in that wonderful RV?"

"Sure thing, Lynsey love. You are the twinkle in my eye."

This, of course, is an exaggeration, but our conversations are definitely higher pitched and more gushy than normal. I think it is just plain sweet and adds to the wonderful vacation we are about to go on.

I thought I'd leave you with some things that I've finished up editing before the trip. I didn't want to leave my brides hanging while I was gone. Now that these are done and out of the way, on to more packing and getting excited!

Meet Melissa. She is a precious country girl. Can you tell? She and I have grown to become friends, as is very typical with most of my brides. I can't wait for her wedding in Brenham at Lillian Farms. It is sure to be gorgeous.

Meet Courtney. She is as sophisticated as she is sweet. Her wedding is my last and final wedding at La Cantera in San Antonio. This wedding will be amazing as my last one!


Sarah Shalley said...

Hey lady! Am I still helping you on the 31st? I have you booked...I can help if you need me to. EMAIL ME before you leave!

Be safe. Have fun. I'm almost on vacation so call me if you need ANYTHING done at the farm. SERIOUSLY! I'd be happy to help you.


Sarah Shalley said...

No problem...just wanted to check in with ya. I can't wait to be FREE this summer. I will definitely be emailing or calling to schedule a farm tour with Jason and a hang out with you and your sweet girls. I'll have to come multiple times, I can tell. Can't wait to see you - Sarah

QuiltedSimple said...

Have a WONDERFUL vacation - enjoy it. THe pictures are awesome (and I have a dress for Laney Rae done - I'll touch base with you after your vacation). Can't wait to see vacation pictures!!


mandi said...

hi there! i was pointed to your blog by a friend (the hyde family). i'm excited to see what you guys are doing at your farm- your pics are so great!

Bethan Rogers said...

Hey Lyns!

Your bridal pictures are fantastic...we are never disappointed! I love the one with the cowboy boots, the whole set up of that picture looks great!
Enjoy your vacation, enjoy Texas, enjoy your family, enjoy your last weddings. I hope one day Brandon and I will be able to come visit you on the farm!