Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I want to remember........

when Kaylyn was a BLANKIE FANATIC!

This is a very LONG story of blankies. It involves many people, many types of fabric, and many different colors.

First of all, don't judge us. We've taken to heart the wise parenting advice of "choose your battles wisely."

Kaylyn's obsession with blankies all started the moment she was born into this world. Her aunt, Honey (a.k.a. Heather Hendrick), made her the original blanket out of some cute old fabric that she had laying around for one of my shower gifts pre-Kaylyn.

These blankets were perfect for me to use for nursing Kaylyn. They were bigger than most blankets out there so I didn't feel like I was going to flash the entire world when I nursed in public. I even tied two ends in a knot together around my neck for added coverage and yanking protection. My friends lovingly called it my "nursing cape". They were lightweight and soft so I didn't feel like I was suffocating my nursing child. And they were great newborn swaddling blankets until they discover how to get out of them. I highly recommend THESE once they can wiggle their way out of a normal blanket which is about the age of a few months.

We took the original blankie everywhere with us because I nursed every two hours in the beginning. And since KK wasn't a fantastic sleeper, she needed the extra 'help' of swaddling to keep her comfortable and cozy. Needless to say, it is obvious that her love for the blankie developed early on, because they were with us all of the time.

Notice that I've been saying 'original blankie'- singular. Not only was their just one blankie, the fabric used was no longer made at that point. Another dear friend of ours had a baby girl at the same time, who received the same blanket from Heather- the girl can hand make some gifts! Our friend noticed that Kaylyn had grown to love this blankie. Realizing the day was coming that the blankie was nowhere to be found, dirty, or left at some one's house, she sacrificially gave us their replica of this blanket. Hallelujah!

This spared us from many moments of shear panic. Our blankie collection grew from one to two blankies. My plan was to keep one folded away and ready at all times. But, Kaylyn found this one and thought it was fantastic that she had two of the same blankies. She was newly walking at this time so she was getting around and into everything!

To spare you from every single detail, here are the 'blanket Cliff's Notes'.

The two 'OBs' grew from two to three one night in an attempt to discipline KK. I'll spare you the details and me having to relive that night. It was bad and one of the blankies became an innocent victim.

This makes 3 OBs.

Overtime, the other untouched OB wore down from hours spent in the washing machine, HEB, church, bed, barn, swimming pool, etc. Eventually that blankie split in two- by itself without assistance.

This makes 4 OBs.

A precious little girl came into our lives a few years ago. We fell in love with her. She was at our house at least twice a week and sometimes spent the night. Kaylyn still talks about her to this day every single day. But, she is not around anymore and has moved away. She left behind a pink nightgown that Kaylyn sleeps with every single night. She loves it and misses that precious girl. We all do.

This brings our total to 4 OBs, plus one "Dawn's Dress".

Within the passed few months, she has fallen in love with one of my nightgowns. Good thing I wasn't attached to it because it has been in the bed with her ever since. I had to put my foot down when she wanted to bring this into HEB with us last week. I am not having that!

If you ask her why she likes mommy's nightgown she will say because it smells like me and its soft. I think that is just plain sweet.

I have a huge recollection of smells so I understand this one completely. I can still recall the smell of my parent's sheets that I used to climb into during a thunderstorm or bad dream. And when I'm visiting my parents and get the privilege of taking a nap in their bed (because they are awesome and watch my kids), I can remember the comfort those sheets brought to me as a child. Of course they are different sheets now- newer sheets. But, their smell is still there.

This brings our total to 4 OBs, plus one of "Dawn's Dress", plus one of mommy's nightgown.

The last addition is just random. She decided she liked that one a few days ago. But, it won't stick. I know it won't because it doesn't meet her criteria.

This brings our total to 4 OBs, plus one of "Dawn's Dress", plus one of mommy's nightgown, plus one randomness. See diagram in the first photo for a visual.

Kaylyn walked out of her room with all of these in her arms this morning. She made her way to her sleeping bag and buried herself in the midst of all of her blankies. I thought it was a sight to behold and remember forever so I snapped a few.

I even snagged a non-staged photo of what she does on a regular basis with the original blankies.

If you know Kaylyn, you will understand this photo. She rubs the edging of the blankie along her lips and fingers. It is what make these blankies her favorite......the edge of them.

You might think we are crazy parents. I don't care.

She loves her blankies and I don't have a problem with that. They don't control our lives- anymore. They stay mostly in her bed. But, she is allowed to take one of the OBs with us in the car. She used to carry one of them around with her at all times, but not anymore. She grew out of that phase. Thank God! As long as they are there when we tuck her in the bed for her nap and at night she is good.

I know she won't carry them to high school with her, so why even bother worrying with it. We might have to make a fashionable scarf or belt out of them.They are a source of comfort for her when she is sleeping because they've been there with her from the beginning.

One day she will look back on this and laugh. We all will. And I will miss my little girl waking up in the mornings greeting me with an arm full of blankies. I wanted to remember this morning.


QuiltedSimple said...

How sweet - Tyler is the same way - at one point he had 7 or 8 fleece blankets (some little some big) that he took everywhere. And he still has 2 blankets that he has with him whenever he watches TV or sleeps. Do you think this happens when a child is nursed for 1+ years? Jessie was a bottle/formula baby and doesn't have a blanket fettish like Tyler and Kaylynn. . . . One day in the far, far future, we will wish they were this small again and wanting the comfort of their blankies. . .


Rachel said...

That is too funny, and I know you'll be so glad to have them all documented in those sweet photos!

I have a dear friend from college who had a special blanket she loved dearly as a small child, a larger child, and then as a college student. Her husband made her stop sleeping with it when they got married, but if she is lounging around, it comes out, and for sure if he's out of town. We teased her a lot about it going on their honeymoon with them, but he put his foot down.

The Kramer Family said...

Oh my, Rachel! That is hilarious. I hope that isn't Kaylyn. I was talking with some ladies last week about making them into something else down the road.

Maybe Kris could make them into a quilt for me!


shauna maness said...

that is precious!! kk is so absolutely beautiful... i had two blankies... and i'm pretty normal! :)

Aldape family said...

I love my KK and all of her blankets and other things! I remember one of the first times she spent the night at our house...I had to put her to sleep with her blanket, Dawns dress, a diaper for her to hold and a bunny that she called bunny foo foo! She is so funny how she has a strong since of touch......
I so remember the smell of mom and dads sheets. I remember that smell growing up and it is still a comforting smell to me.
Love the pics of KK, they will be precious memories one day....she is growing up way too fast!

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness...tears just a rollin' down my cheeks...our sweet kaylyn..thank-you for letting her enjoy her special blankies'..all of them show the love for the special people who give her comfort and love...hold on to these heartfilled memories..she is growing up to be a wonderful,full of love and has HER special ways to always "smell" those she is comfortable with..bring me more of these..ponytail& blankie' stories love to all grandma...

Hendrick Family said...

Oh I love that girl and her blankies! I'm glad she still has them. I'll never make Ashton give his up either! These blankies kind of become a part of the family!


Anonymous said...

She is a perfect lil girl. Reminds me of "honey" when she was little. :-)

Js - dad, G-Pa, The guy in the airport.... looking at that same goat (day after day) on Js blog.

Love you all

Jennifer Bacak said...

Here's a little rock star brother used to carry my Mom's slip around with him, and sleep with it. We tease him relentlessly about it to this day. It's usually what we threaten to put on the internet to embarrass him, ya know, since he's a rock star. Well, it's out now!
KK is too beautiful. Robbie doesn't carry a slip anymore. Enjoy everyday that she's your little girl!