Friday, August 8, 2008

Gotees are groovy!

Despite the outrageous heat, at least once a day we have to let the girls play outside or they go crazy! My girls love outside.

But, yesterday it got a little out of control. Kaylyn and Laney Rae were covered head to toe in dirt. And I'm almost positive the next diaper I change of Laney Rae's will be filled with grit- poor girl! She could not stop eating the dirt. She must be deficient in some mineral or something. Isn't that what that means?

It looked as if Laney Rae had a gotee around her face. I had to take some photos of my girls playing in the dirt. I know it's typically considered a 'boy thing', but my girls can get dirty with the best of them. Wanna see proof?

Jason was working on the roof his mobile chicken coop while we were playing below him in the dirt. Kaylyn decided to be adventurous and climb on top with him. The sun was gorgeous peaking through the trees.

Kaylyn has gotten TONS more adventurous since we've moved to the country. It was rare to find her in the dirt or climbing on top of things up until a few years ago. I might have encouraged it a little too much and probably could stand to be a bit more cautious.

Mission Accomplished!

Jason completed his mobile chicken coop yesterday and moved it out to the pasture. He has been working on it a few weeks now.

He converted an old cotton trailer into a coop for our 300+ pullets that are soon to become layers. He will rotate the coop behind our cows in the pasture to add extra fertilization to the fields, help with fly control (chickens eat fly larvae out of the poo), and help break up organic matter in the pastures. I can't wait to see this come together beautifully in the near future.


QuiltedSimple said...

Good for your girls - getting dirty is a good thing. chicken coop looks great - love the picture of KK and her daddy on the roof!

Sarah Shalley said...

how cute! when we lived on a farm, our diapers were FULL of dirt too. we loved to play outside. looks like fun.

Garratts said...

Ok when I first saw the pic of LR and then the title, I thought you were going to say she ate goat poop.

But that looks like fun.

Garratts said...

Ok I am an idiot and just read it again and it said gotees, not goats.

Just ignore me.

Angela said...

Very cute pics-I want to move to your farm. It is just so fun!

mandi said...

yay for girls in the mud! dylin is always wanting to play in the mud. i'm like you- i encouraged her very early in this. i determined that i wouldn't have a girl who couldn't get dirty. and here we are today. i foresee a mud playdate in the near future!

Anonymous said...

Kids will be kids, LOL!

The Montalbos said...

You make farm life seem so glamorous!

I love your farm, in pictures and "hearing" all your great stories!!

Dalyn (AKA The Queen of Quite Alot) said...

Great pictures! I have a couple things in common with you...very cool.
I especially liked the "pickin' up chicks" pictures! What a hoot.

Christy said...

Funnily, my boy hates to be dirty! He would never play in dirt.