Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Did you know this?

This is disturbing on many different levels. I saw this Wall Street Journal video on a fellow farmer's blog and felt the need to share it with you.

Although, I do disagree with one point from the video. The grass-fed farmer says that,"We are working with a zero market or margin" in regards to those seeking out grass-fed meats.

This just isn't the case. More and more consumers are educating themselves on what they are putting in their mouths. And my guess is that the rising prices of meat all together will cause even more people to question their food.

The reality is that grass-fed farms are on the rise across the nation and can't keep up with the demand of consumers. Grass-fed meat really is superior in health, quality, taste, and land management. There is no question about that. And small farms like us, desire to offer healthy and naturally raised alternatives to the madness thats clearly getting out of hand to the point to where we are now feeding cows M&Ms.

This most definitely is not to guilt anyone into buying grass-fed meats. The LEMON POST proved that people are going to consume what they desire to consume.

However, I do believe that it never hurts to be educated on the stuff we are putting into our bodies.


QuiltedSimple said...

Feeding cows potato chip and m&m byproducts is just not right. Although, we've not brought "beef" from the local supermarket for years now - it just tastes nasty (on all levels). Yuck.

Wayne said...

Wow. You are making me feel good about the 2 cows we have for our family.

Heather said... glad we get free beef from my hubby's dad...who feeds them GRASS! Imagine...if everyone bought a cow to cut their grass, we'd have less nasty beef--and less CO2 in the atmosphere from people mowing their lawns! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, I don't raise cows though.

Ashley said...

I am one who is just becoming more educated on the topic. Where can I get grass fed meat? Do you have recommendations? I don't eat much red meat anyways, but would love to make sure my beef is not being fed M&M's and potato chips!

Thanks, Ashley

mandi said...

i saw this on brad's blog. yuck! i totally agree with you that we should all be educated about our food. seems most spend more time researching a car to buy than what goes into the body. thanks for posting this.

and to other readers, if you don't live near yonderway farm : ) then visit for local food (including beef).

Grace said...

Interesting. I had no idea that you could grow a cow by feeding it junk food...sad. Thanks for helping to educate me on what's really in that hamburger that I love so much!

On a side note, my grandpa used to raise cows on his pine tree farm. A year or so ago he had to give up the cows because the cost to raise them was more than his profit, but then again it is mainly a tree farm, and the cows were more for "fun" than anything. I will miss seeing the cows there, though.

Anonymous said...

How can I order some of your grass fed beef?


The Kramer Family said...

Hi Everyone!

Thanks for the great comments and discussion. Regardless of where we are all at with this, it never hurts to be educated on the facts. Its great to have options other than store bought and traditionally raised meats and produce.

Local Harvest is an excellent resource to find local farms around you. We serve the areas of Houston, Austin, Bryan/College Station, and Brenham. If you are within those areas, we can work something out in order to get our products to you.

We currently have pork available and will have beef soon within a month. Our website is taking a bit longer than anticipated due to going in a better direction to serve our customers who wish to be able to order online. That should be up and running soon.

In the meantime, you may e-mail me at if you are interested in pork and being notified when beef is available.

Thanks so much for your interest and support of your local farmers!