Friday, August 22, 2008

Room mom in the making......

We walked into a huge tungsten lit room with the sun peeking through the towering stained glass windows yesterday evening. The sanctuary was filled with children of all ages who acted as if they had gotten use to the effects of a non-scheduled and fun summer filled with Popsicles, swimming pools, and family trips. Either that or every child in the room must have had a Dr. Pepper to drink right before they entered the pew-filled room.

Last night we had "Meet the Teacher" night at Kaylyn's new school she will be starting on Monday. I literally had to ask Jesus for His peace to reign over me to keep myself from opening the flood gates. Cut me some slack people. I've been home with her every single day for 4 years. This is all new to us.

Jason and I have approached this upcoming week of school with much prayer and discussion- as of recently. As a matter of fact, it was a discussion that we hadn't had since the birth of our children. I encourage young parents right now to begin discussing and praying over this issue so that you won't be caught off guard like we were. The upcoming school years came out of nowhere like a 747 on speed.

I know the issue of schooling is not always a popular one in the church and lots of people have an opinion about the way things should and must be. But, Jason and I have never really formed an opinion to either side. And still to this day, if you ask us what our schooling may look like next year for our family, we would say,"We don't know." We have seen it done beautifully on both sides of the schooling issue.

While one family feels called to home school and another feels called to private school, they both need to be approached with much prayer seeking only the opinion of a Holy God who knows exactly what is best for your family and child. His opinion is the only one that matters. Decisions based on fear are never okay. The Lord has graciously shown me this recently.

Fears like,"I'm not smart enough to home school."

"I'm afraid that my child is going to join a gang and wear saggy pants if they go to public school." (Yeah right. Can you see KK sagging? She won't even wear pants.)

"I'm afraid our family will think we are weird and overprotective if we home school."

"I'm worried that if my child is in public or private school, they will become heathen children who hate me."

Believe me when I tell you that I've thought all of these thoughts and then some. And some all at the same time. But, Jason and I really had to get passed all of these fears. We most definitely have to protect our children. I'm not saying that we don't have an obligation there. But, the last thing we wanted for our children was to make a decision on such a major deal based on fear. That's most definitely not what the Lord's will is. And I'm a firm believer in that while there is no right or wrong thing universally here (as in, its not exactly spelled out in Scripture), if you ask the Lord, He will show you what is right for your family and child.

We will continue to ask. We will continue to seek. We will continue to hold things loosely in our hands ready to change direction if we are asked to. Sounds kind of flaky doesn't it? I like to call it flexible. Next year may look different. It may not. Only God knows.

So, as of this year, Kaylyn will be going to Pre-K in a Christian-based private school in our small little town. Its 3 1/2 hours a day.

We sat in the sanctuary filled with children and parents last night. The school director was going through and introducing the teachers by name. We had prior knowledge of who Kaylyn's teacher was going to be since there are only two Pre-K teachers in the school. When they announced her teacher, Kaylyn stood up on the pew and began to wave as if she had just met her new best friend. I, of course, was on the brink of becoming a heap liquid. When I had a face to put with the whole experience, it made it real. This was going to be the sweet woman that was going to spend 3.5 hours a day with my amazing little girl. So, of course, this momma was wreck. And I was trying to appear calm and poised like all the rest of the good parents. But, my innards were fighting with butterflies and Niagara Falls.

I have no doubt that Kaylyn will love school. She will love developing friendships and probably become the teacher's pet. I have a good notion that she will end up as the pet. I was the dreaded teacher's pet all through school. Not purposefully. I happen to be a big rule follower. I was the student the teacher chose while they left the room for a brief moment to sit up at the front of the class room with chalk in hand ready to write the letters of the name of the person who dared to disobey the teacher on my watch. Awful I know. But, that was me. The teachers loved me.

Last night, Kaylyn's sweet teacher had a HUGE jar of gum balls on her desk. One of the new students had a little sister who was about the age of two and was all over the place bouncing off the walls. This mischievous toddler sneaked**** over to the teacher's desk and was attempting to open the monstrous jar of gum balls.

Kaylyn quickly walked over to her not knowing that her daddy and I were watching her every move. She very sweetly said to the little girl. "No ma'am. You need to ask the teacher first."

Ha! So funny. That's my girl. The rule follower. Just like her rule-following mama.

We got to meet the teacher and show Kaylyn around her room, her cubby, and her seat. The teacher had mentioned that she noticed Kaylyn was going home at 11:30am. The sweet teacher asked me the most awesome-filled question.

"Would you like to be room mom?"

Instead of standing up on the desk and giving a speech similar to those who of people who win Grammy's and Oscar's, I calmly answered,"I'd LOVE to." On the other hand, my insides were doing the electric slide.

This rocked my world. One of the things that Jason and I have felt very strongly about was being involved in the school and serving there. We want to be an active presence on campus. So, of course, I was giving a major shout out to the Lord after receiving the news of me having the honor room mom. That was no coincidence. It was an answer to prayer.

I'm not exactly sure yet, but I think the duties of room mom consist of party coordinator, cupcake baker, field trip liaison, craft helper, among other tasks. I'm excited to fill my roll of room mom and getting to know the other parents and the students who share a classroom with KK. I'm excited to see what the Lord has in store for our family this year. And I have a peace about the path we are currently on. So, that's a good place to be.

Do you think they make bumper stickers for "Room Moms"?

After all, they have bumper stickers for "Soccer Moms" and "College Parents".

Instead of "My money and my child go to [fill in the blank]."

Mine would read "My money, my child, and my cupcakes go to [fill in the blank]."

****Did you know that 'snuck' isn't even a word per the dictionary of Webster? I think it must be one of those words invented by Texans like 'tumped'- a combination of both tipped and dumped.


Kramer said...


I love you so much. What a blessing it is to get to work along side of you in this life. You will be the best room mom ever. Those are some lucky chilrens.

Hendrick Family said...

How exciting and very non flaky!!

Remember...there is only ONE right way to school your children. The way God tells YOUR FAMILY to do it! He'll make it clear.


mandi said...

i have been having this conversation with so many friends lately. the trepidation, the heart ache- it is so universal.

2 years ago when i was pregnant with levi, god revealed his name to me, 'levi'. in the scriptures it was shown that god had given grace and essentially a second chance to the original levi. this was a beautiful opportunity for me. to name my son levi and be reminded daily that he is a god of second chances. here's my point : ). all of these choices that seem so huge are often times not a dead end. like schooling. i was terrified to first admit that we were going to homeschool. because what if something changed and we couldn't? i was afraid to commit. but god reminded me that there is a 'second chance' in all things. if this wasn't the right choice, we could make a different one. sometimes i can be so afraid of making the wrong choice, that i make no choice at all. i guess that's why he gave me a levi- to remember if my first choice wasn't the right one, no worries, there is another chance.

so my encouragement to you- if you decide this isn't right, it's ok. you can always change it. or if you love it, that's even better!

you are such a good momma- you will for sure be the best room mom ever!

Anonymous said...

Hope Kaylyn does well in school, I was home-schooled from 4th-11th grade though, but I enjoyed pre-school at a nice Montesori school. God bless you and your family!

QuiltedSimple said...

You will so enjoy being a room momma - I am for both kids (and have been for both for 2 years now) - i tell you, it is the best way to get to know the kids in their classes and know who your children are hanging around with. Enjoy it!

QuiltedSimple said...

PS - I still cry as Jessie hops on that big yellow bus - I hate to think of how I'll be when Tyler goes to school in another week - UGH! You will be fantastically awesome!

Connie said...

Ahhh, I know the fear so well. Mia starts kindergarten this year at our church and we struggled SO much between public/private/homeschool. We also have no idea what next year will look like. Mia LOVED pre-school last year and I had just as much fun with everything too. I won't lie, it's emotional, scary, you will be anxious without her at your side 24/7, but it gets better. The best part of pre-school is picking them up! I cherish those sweet to see her face light up when she sees Jules and I, so fun to hear about her day and crazy stories, and then there's always sonic ice to get on the way home.

I feel your pain, anxiety, fear, and joy all wrapped up into one big cry-ball!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness..KK is going to pre-school! Oh how I am not looking forward to those days of sending my babies off to school, if that's what the Lord calls us to do. As of now we feel that we will be sending our children to public school. But seeing how our son is only 7 months old, God may reveal totally different things to us in a few years.

And oh how exciting to be room mom! It's one of my lifelong dreams! Cupcakes, crafts, field trips..oh my goodness! I'm so excited for you!

oh, and I also was the rule-following teachers pet. Lyns, sometimes I think we have the same brain.
Love you!

The Montalbos said...

Wow. First day of preschool! What a milestone!!!

Your children are so blessed to have parents who seek out the Lord's advice and wait on Him for answers.

I'll be crying too come Wed. Reid's starting 2nd grade. (What in the world?)

(Seriously, though. I have to know... Did you bake those cupcakes? They look like they're straight out of Better Homes & Gardens!)

The Kramer Family said...

Girl naw! Ha! I meant to put that I obtained the photo from Google images. I can't remember the last time I have made cupcakes. Which goes without saying that I'm rusty. I guess I'll be getting plenty of practice soon, huh?

p.s. I love that my husband addresses me as babe! How cool is that?

spanki said...

i so feel you and your "flexibility"! it is that is weighing on my heart right now too! i am in prayer about all of it and will wait until the answer is reveled! you will make a great home room mom! i am thinking about putting paysli in 2 days 3hrs/day. but i am not sure i am ready to let go of everyone! the day i really have to will kill me! good luck! bring the kleenex! let me know how it goes!

The Montalbos said...

I think it's sweet that your husband calls you "babe". But even cooler than that... the way he sings your praises for all the world to read!

What an amazing wife you must be to deserve such accolades. Clearly he ADORES you!!!

Sarah Shalley said...

Lyns! seems like she was just 2. I'll be praying for your peace of mind. I know KK will LOVE school. She'll also love telling her sweet mama and daddy all about it. Can't wait for some silly stories.

Love you!