Sunday, December 7, 2008

Belly Shot- 13 weeks!

Here is my belly- and my non-smiling self! I truly am thrilled to have a baby in my belly. I was concentrating extra hard on holding the camera just so. And it took me about 27 tries to get it right.

I am 13 weeks and feeling wonderful. I seriously can't believe I'm feeling so good at this point. With the girls, I was still living in a state of nausea. So, I'm thankful!

I'm excited to have my belly documented on this blog. We did not have a blog until Laney Rae was born the last go around.

This third pregnancy has blossomed much earlier than my other two. I've heard that happens. My belly looks like it did with KK and Laney Rae at 5 or 6 months. My doctor told me not to get offended if people start saying things like "Honey, looks like you are about to pop!" much sooner. I won't. I like showing early. It explains the reason why my face looks giant.

My tater tot craving has disappeared. I'm not really having strong cravings anymore. As a result, our eating is pretty much back to normal. Jason is mucho thankful for this. He put on lots of weight with our other two. He likes to call it his "sympathy" weight. Isn't that funny he has a term for it?

I need to get one of those baby ticker counting dillies up on the blog so I know how far along I am. I never know when people ask. I don't write down every week on the calendar. That's awful, but I'm just not good with that. I usually document things using the month system. The weeks are too much to keep up with.

I have a funny Christmas story brewing. I will post about that soon!


Sarah Shalley said...

Okay, you are the CUTEST! I remember when LR was in that belly 2 years ago at my wedding. Can you believe that was 2 years ago? Wow. Think this one is a boy? I can't wait to see you and hold that precious child.

Love you.

QuiltedSimple said...

Love the belly shot - I too showed much quicker with Tyler than Jessie -although I put on less weight with him. You look fabulous! I can't wait to hear the boy/girl answer!!!

mandi said...

hey pretty mama! what a great shot!

The Williams Family said...

What a great shot!!! And I like the serious look, don't mess with this mama kinda look!! I'm so glad your feeling great and enjoying this pregnancy.

Anonymous said...

Nice picture of you, my sis-in-law is almost 8 months pregnant, she's due in early February with a little boy this time.

Connie said...

Showing early is much better than people speculating...fat? pregnant? fat? pregnant? I was so thrilled when I began to show early with my second. Gosh, with Mia, I bet I didn't really "show" until 6 months and I hated it.

The outfit is so need a whole photo session in it. I cant' rock that hat b/c you know, I cut all my hair off, and that would most definitely cause even more confusion on my gender.

Anjolee said...

You look so cute Lynsey! I love the hat too. Show that belly off and punch anyone who says anything mean. :)

Judy said...

That picture looks like it should be in a prego magazine or something. You are so cute! And I'm so glad you are feeling so great!!!
Love you!

Grace said...

You're one hot momma! Love the belly shot! I love baby bellies...they are just beautiful!

Steph said...

Ah! you look gorgeous! Can't wait to see you in real life. We miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo! And love that belly! I have a feeling I'll be showing a lot sooner and I'm only on my second!

Love you!

Ramie Babcock said...

Great baby ticker site!