Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Hilarity!

(Photo credit given to Santa's booth mall girl employee. I'm sure she has an exact title, but we'll go with that one to cover all of the bases.)

We don't do the Santa thing on Christmas morning in our house.

But, we also don't blab to Kaylyn that Santa is a big fat phony who doesn't exist so that she then blabs to all of the other kiddos on the playground at school. Santa is just a fun character in our home. Nothing more- as in, not the meaning, magic, or reason of Christmas. Nothing less.

So, sitting on Santa's lap for the girls is like sitting on Barney's lap or Dora's lap or Teddy Ruxpin's lap.

My mom and I like to take the girls to the mall every year and get their picture taken with Santa as something fun to do and remember. But, this year was summed up perfectly by capturing the above photo.

Kaylyn was excited to get her picture taken with Santa. She walked right up to him and sat in his lap.

Santa proceeded to ask Kaylyn,"Little girl, what do you want for Christmas?"

Kaylyn looked up at him confused. "Ummm. I don't know." We've never asked her this question so you can understand why a strange bearded man in a red suit asking her this threw her for a loop.

Laney Rae on the other hand wasn't quite feeling Santa. I told the photo girl to be ready to snap right when I sat Laney Rae in his lap. But, she didn't head my advice. I guess it had something to do with wanting to give each child their "moment" with Santa. Mine didn't need a moment. We just wanted a cute photo opp.

Instead, we got the above photo.

It took me probably a total of 5 minutes,

a candy cane bribe that you see conveniently hanging out of Laney Rae's mouth,

a reapplication of deodorant,

a couple tries from Grandma and Aunt Terri- it takes a village,

all with people impatiently waiting in line and staring at this flustered momma to even achieve the one we went home with.

The photo girl kept saying,"Do you want to just come back later?"

"Umm. No we don't."

But, I was thinking on the inside,"I wanted you to push the button as I released my child into Santa's lap. But, that didn't happen now did it. And here is the outcome of that poor poor decision. Laney Rae has now discovered that she thinks she is terrified of Santa and I need a shower and chamomile tea to calm it on down."

And lets not forget to mention Santa during this episode. He was terrified of Laney Rae. Can you tell by his face above? Isn't Santa at the minimum supposed to be smiling in the photo??

I'm sure he didn't appreciate the royal fit Laney Rae was throwing on his fuzzy red lap.

Kaylyn on the other hand was sitting pretty and looking like a Christmas angel the whole time. She was the only one who had composure and pose the entire time.

I am framing this photo. I am also placing it in an frame ornament on my tree. You pay like $50 for 3 pictures, so you better believe we will display this fine piece of photographic art.

I love a photo with a good story.

Any mall Santa drama out there? Do tell.


mandi said...

reapplication of deoderant! love it! our one try was with the easter bunny. that is a day that will forever haunt me...the screams, the disapproving looks from mothers all around, the sweating, the fury...never again my friend, never again.

Grace said...

Hilarious! That's all I can say!

Connie said...

Oh man....they should have given you that for free....I can't believe Santa didn't put a smile on his face, suck it up, and deal.

Really? Did you pay for it? That will be a great funny memory and I LOVE that you will be putting on the tree as an ornament!

Anonymous said...

Oh my! When I was little I just sat on Santa's lap didn't tell him a thing though even if he did have a puppet trying to get me to talk to him and tell him what I wanted for Christmas, I have always been shy though but my sister whispered something in his ear and he laughed but we never did find out what she told him!

QuiltedSimple said...

How funny.....love it. We haven't gone to see Santa yet...but then again, the kids haven't asked so.....Poor Laney Rae!

Brandi said...

here's a link to last year's picture. it was a disaster.

poor jonas looks so confused. he kept trying to comfort his crying sister, talking sweetly to her, and i kept telling him to stop it and smile for the camera. he could not understand why i would say that, why i wasn't helping sissy. i just told the girl to hurry up and take the darn picture already.

santa's not smiling in our picture either. you'd think they'd be used to it.

i'm going to try again this week. i think she'll do better this year. was yours at the c/s mall? would you recommend that santa, all things considered?

Brandi said...

sorry if that link doesn't work. just go to justin's blog and go to the archives of last december. sorry about the mad linking skillz.


The Montalbos said...

Can't. Stop. Laughing.

Lynsey, you are too much!