Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Happenings

Brenham has a Christmas parade every year. This was our first year to attend and experience the parade.

Everyone goes all out on decorating their floats. I'm guessing its a big deal as most things are around here. There were about 50 floats total all decorated beautifully.

The more we do things around Brenham, the more we fall in love with this place. We sat on the courthouse lawn with the most gorgeous downtown lit up and towering oaks wrapped in white lights. The night was perfect! We were surrounded by family and friends. Grandma, Pops, Tio, Tia, Ava, Aunt Debbie, Megan, and the Robinsons were all there.

And what made it even more special is KK got to ride on her school float. She got to sit right next to her BFF! Kaylyn was adorable and had quite a crowd there cheering and waving to her.

The night before the parade we drove to College Station to hang out with the Hendricks (Jason's sister and her wonderful family). We visited a living nativity and park covered in lights.

Then we went back over to the Hendrick's house for hot chocolate and family worship time. We had a blast and a special time talking about the birth of Jesus with them. Kaylyn adores her cousins with every ounce of her being.

(my attempt at a photo with my girls:)

This year has already been so sweet preparing to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Jason and I really wanted us to focus on doing things as a family this year and starting some traditions that will carry on for years to come.


Hendrick Family said...

How cute are those wise kids?

I love it!


Aldape family said...

We fell in love with y'alls sweet little town too! We love Brenham. ( Maybe we will be locals one day!) We love your sweet family and love spending time with you guys!

Jessica said...


I love reading about your life!

I think I've mentioned before that part of the ministry I work for is in Brenham. It's called Miracle Farm (boys ranch). They were in Brenham's parade this weekend.

In fact, I just posted some photos of them in our Christmas Events slideshow here There photos are about halfway through if you wanna see.

I know several really great people in Brenham that you might just love. If you'd like an introduction, I will come visit and make it.

QuiltedSimple said...

How great of a time you had - Kaylynn is adorable on the float!!! Love the pic. of you and the girls!

spanki said...

wow, i have been out of the blogging world in so long... i love your christmas traditions, and i absolutely love that sweet growing belly!! glad to see you are doing good! have a great holiday season...

Anonymous said...

How nice!