Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sisters: A rare moment

After church today, Jason was in the kitchen cooking (how blessed am I???) and I was cleaning up around the house.

I heard Kaylyn say,"Mommy, come and see this!" in the most excited and sweet voice.

I came around the corner and saw this precious moment- a rare precious moment around here.

Kaylyn is our cuddly one and Laney Rae is our busy one.

Ever since Laney Rae took to walking, she hasn't really let Kaylyn hold her much although Kaylyn is constantly trying to squeeze in a few hugs here and there.

It was pretty special that Laney Rae came and laid her head right in her big sister's lap and Kaylyn knew that. Her face was beaming with delight.

The moment lasted all but a few minutes but it meant the world to Kaylyn. I'm one thankful momma. These two girls are so different, yet they each bless my life in words that I can't fully express right now.

In the midst of chaos and the crazy moments of life that come with the territory of having toddlers, I pray that I remember moments like this- a peaceful and precious moment.

KK giving Laney Rae kisses.

And then the tickling began!


Sarah Shalley said...

super cute blog, sister friend. where did it come from?

the girls are PRECIOUS! I remember those moments. Fortunately for us, we STILL have them. :) I pray that your girls are just as close as we are.

mandi said...

oh! so sweet! that 2nd one...too much.

Anonymous said...

How sweet and precious, those are the moments to cherish!

Shabby Mama said...

awww..they are so precious..i love it!

your blog looks great..i love the header on the faith farm blog are so talented.

did KK sing this morning?? drew tried to get someone to move so he could have a better (AKA more visible) spot;;

shauna maness said...

how precious... this made my morning- i can't wait for moments like that!! your girls are so unique.

love you friend.

ps, i'm coming home in january-
can we finally do the day in the life?

we have to make it happen!

QuiltedSimple said...

Oh how precious! What wonderful sisters they are to each other!

Hendrick Family said...

Now why can't that top picture be the Christmas card picture? It's perfect!


sugarcreekfarm said...

So cute! My girls were the same way at that age - the older one a mama and the younger one constantly on-the-go. And those chubby thighs - I just want to gobble them up!

Kirby said...

i love these! they should be your christmas card pic!