Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas 2008

(Our official Christmas 2008 photo....ha! That about sums it up, doesn't it?)

My heart's cry this Christmas was NOT to make it about perfection. And after the last post that you see below, it wasn't very difficult avoiding perfection. Imperfection trickled into our lives and we just went with it.

Note to self: When vocalizing a conviction, be ready for a test or trial of some sort to see if you are going to back-up what you are saying:).

Jason became extremely ill the day before Christmas Eve and remains pretty ill to this day. We think something is up with his colon. He is going to a specialist next week so if you could, please keep him in your prayers. I don't like seeing him hurting or sick for this long. We are treating him as best we know how until we get a diagnosis.

With Jason being ill, we just decided to let a lot of last minute projects slide so that we could still show up at all of our family's houses with smiles on our faces and peace in our family unit.

Overall, we had such a sweet Christmas.

We always spend Christmas Eve at Grandma & Pop's house (my mom and dad) and Christmas Day at G-Paw & Gigi's house (Jason's dad and Cindy). We are so very fortunate that we don't have to do much driving. The farthest we drive is a little over an hour.

Here are some photos at my mom & dad's house this year:

Papa (KK's great grandpa) & KK

Papa & Laney Rae- He loves these girls with every ounce of his heart. So sweet!

My family- top from left; Jason, Me, Papa, Aunt Terri, Kayla (my sis), David
bottom from left; KK, Tanner (my bro), Pops (my dad), Laney Rae, Grandma (my mom), Ava (my niece)

Every year my mom likes to have a photo with them and the grandkids. This was our attempt this year with TWO one year olds in the picture. Its the best we could do!

My sister's family!

Finally.....a decent family photo of us!

Jason & Laney Rae- bless his heart. You can tell he doesn't feel good.


Mommy and KK

Laney Rae trying on her new rubber boots

Here are some photos at Jason's dad's house. Pics courtesy of Jason's sis, Heather. Thanks!

Aunt Debbie & Uncle Durward- The best neighbors in the entire world! We live on the farm with them.

Jason and his bro-in-law, Aaron

Me and my sweet nephew Hudson, Isn't he precious?

KK and a few of her cousins

G-Paw and Gigi!

All of the cousins!


Anonymous said...

THANKS LYNSEY...grandma(mom)loves all of them...loved how it all turned out sweet and simple..oh how blessed i am to have all my precious kid's & grandkid's around to all...praying for jason to feel you so

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures and prayers for Jason!

QuiltedSimple said...

Oh I love these pictures! WHat great memories you have. I hope Jason is feeling better - what a bummer!!! Todd and Tyler were down New Years Eve and Day, and Todd still isn't feeling 100%. Here's to wishing you a wonderful 2009!!!

The Kramer Family said...

Did anyone notice Jason's Wranglers and white socks?

He was so out of it he forgot to put on his cowboy boots:).

Funky Junk Designs said...

I think Laney Rae and Hadley could have lots of fun together, if we could keep up with them. Your girls are precious!

Heidi said...

Love the family photos. It looks as if you are surrounded by love. :) How is Jason feeling?

lisasmith said...

Love the official can see mine as the header of my blog...Life happens even when we get dressed (or not) in matching clothes! lol

Funny thing is I have a friend who has perfect pics every year. She recently told me she photoshopped her kids' heads in there. so funny the lengths we go to in order to make a mother's dream. Imagine mary getting all hung up on that in a stable...