Monday, January 5, 2009

Northern Farmers Amaze Me!'s cold around here. On top of it being cold, its also raining. This has to be one of the worst weather combinations ever.

By cold, I mean its around 36 degrees. For a Texas gal who has been here all of my life, this is cold. I try and avoid being outside if the temperature reaches below 40 degrees. But, farm life isn't always conducive to these rule I've made up for my life.

Another rule that I had made up before becoming a farmer's wife was- STEPPING IN POOP IS ALWAYS A SIN! SHOES MUST BE THROWN AWAY IMMEDIATELY!

We all know that if I followed this rule, I wouldn't have any shoes left and I would be confessing my "poo stepping" to the all day long!

Jason just rolled his eyes reading that one- he thinks I'm really dramatic about the poo that's invading my life. Can one be too dramatic about avoiding poo? I think not!

This post isn't about poo. Although, I could write a novel about it.

Laney Rae and I had to move the cows a bit ago. Our herd of cows still has to be moved no matter what the weather is like if we are to maintain our rotational grazing practices for our delicious grass-fed beef.

My baby girl bundle! So sweet and so pink!
Yes, she is wearing a seatbelt.

While we were out and about freezing our hineys off, I thought about the farmer's up north. God bless them! I am a frequent reader of some farm blogs from families that live in the north. Their photos of farm chores are covered in 4 ft of snow and take place with temperatures in the teens. Can you imagine what the teens feel like?

Setting my mind upon things in the freezing north is what got me through moving the cows today. This post is in honor of all of the farmer's in the northern states of our great country who endure blistering winds, insane temperatures, walls of snow, and chip away at frozen water troughs.

You guys amaze me!

This is our lead cow, #1. That's her name. I love the perm on the top of her head.

Number one, I'd like to thank you on behalf of myself and Laney Rae for a job well done today. You lead those cows over to the next paddock beautifully and efficiently to ensure a smooth and easy move for me today. I'm so grateful and so is my frozen hiney.


mandi said...

man! no kidding! i can't imagine life in the teens. and you- i went out to take scraps to the chickens today and almost cried. ok, not really, but i was REALLY cold. so here's to YOU and the farmer that you are. i am impressed.

Grace said...

I don't want to ever see the temp in the teens...not ever!!! Thank goodness that I live in Texas. The warm weather suites me just fine!

Heidi said...

LOL!! Guys - you get used to it. We woke up to 21 below this morning! NO, I am not kidding.. :) it takes a little bit longer to do chores, but you do them with lots of cloths on!!! LOL

The Kramer Family said...


Point proven girlfriend- you guys are amazing! I've never seen 21 below- ever!


QuiltedSimple said...

I'm dying laughing here - we've been having highs in the 20's. You are one awesome farmer mama!!! I love your rules. Wonder if I can convince Todd these should be rules at our house? And he would say "yes, until I have to clean out the barns - then get your butt outside and help me!" Yesterday at 37 felt like a heatwave and we were wearing sweatshirts here in Ohio!

Anonymous said...

oh my.. how cute laney rae is sitting all bundled up in her pretty pink coat...what a great mom you are...sorry for the cold but, being borned in amarilo as you were i don't think you saw 21 below...but i know you experienced alot of 0 days and with that strong panhandle wind and nothin' to block it, probably was somewhere in the -5 chill factor...great job my farmin' mom

D.O. said...


I got back from CO the other day, and on our drive from the cabin to the slopes there were a couple of farms (which were AWESOME). The first day we skied, the windchill was as low as minus 30. I felt bad for the cows... and had a good time skiing.

Amy said...

We're going back in the teens on Sunday though and we're getting some yucky weather right now and it gets pretty slippery here and it makes even harder to feed the animals in this kind of weather but thank goodness for heated water buckets though.

Aldape family said...

You are a great farm wife and momma! You never fail to amaze me! I love you girl!

lisasmith said...

cute pink baby girl in a hidden seatbelt!