Friday, January 16, 2009


Time has completely flown by. I don't even know how far along I am until I go into the doctor for my appointment. My doctor said this is completely normal with your third. Good thing!

I'm officially 19 weeks or so........I think.

I have my big ultrasound on Tuesday. We are finding out what we are having so we are hoping the baby will cooperate.

It was brought to my attention that we need to have a good old fashioned poll (thanks Kyle!!!). I love a poll. But, I'm not very literate on the blog poll thingy, so if you will leave your answer in the comments section, that would be super!

Okay, so do you think we are having a boy or a girl? Any guesses out there?

I'll let you know on Tuesday......hooray!


Anonymous said...

I say boy! mostly because its time for a Kramer boy! And I know Jason is dying for one. However, I will say..those girls love their daddy! I'm pulling for SJK! (I didn't know if the name was a secret so I put initials)

Love you!

theBirkenfelds said...

I'm with Larra! On the vote and the name!! Can't wait to find out!

Love you!


Berte said...

Okay, my vote is whatever KK truly believes you are having. Somehow kids ALWAYS know.

QuiltedSimple said...

I'm voting for boy - you have got to be able to have a baby's room decorated in firetrucks and firemen!!! I cannot wait to find out what you are having = the suspense is killing me (and if it isn't the suspense, it's the cold - it's -6 degrees out there right now. Our high today was 1 degree). I think I need to move somewhere warmer:)

Anonymous said...

I'll say boy since you already have 2 precious girls! I know that's what my brother is having which their due date is in about 17-18 days now, she's 37 weeks now and 3 days, I already have 4 niece's so it was about time we had a boy in the family and we are getting a little boy in the family soon!

Anonymous said...

hmmmmmmmm boy.... but you two sure make great girls too!

Js Dad

texasmcvays said...


Judy said...

I'm going to say girl, Lyns. Just because. We have talked about this.
Love you!

mimi said...

I say girl. No boy. Okay maybe girl. Maybe I shouldn't vote.

Heidi said...

Its a boy - trust me, I know ALL about boys *grin* and then some!! LOL Hope you are feeling well.

Grace said...

I say BOY!

Carrie said...


Sarah Shalley said...

Um, I say a girl. I can't explain how precious the relationship between 3 sisters can be. It's the greatest thing I have in life.

PLEASE share when you find out. Can't wait to hear the name...I love Kramer names.

Love all 5 of you! How is Jason?

The Vann's said...

Carissa and I both say BOY!!!

The Mosiers said...

I say boy!! Mainly because I love the name and it's time for a boy. However, it really doesn't matter I can't wait to meet the next little Kramer whatever he or she may be.

the amy's said...

I really think it's a boy. Your belly was sending all kinds of "boy" vibes my way. Either way, this child will be precious. ~ Liz

The Montalbos said...

Oh, now I feel so pressured to guess and I have no idea WHAT to say. (I HATE being wrong!!)

Hmmm... you haven't said much about your pregnancy, so I can't tell whether this one's different or not. I'm feeling boy though.

(Although 50% of me wants to say girl. ;)


Anonymous said...

I say girl! I know you wish I would say boy, but girl is what I think!

We'll see!!

Love you,

Rachel said...

I'm guessing a boy! Hurry up and post already!

Dana Derks said...

I say boy! We have two girls, and I'd love to experience being a mom to a son. Waiting impatiently!!!