Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Goodbye Rowdy

This morning we awakened to a horrible tragedy.

{RoWdY}, our farm dog, companion, and friend was found hit and killed by the road.

If you've ever been out to the farm, you've met Rowdy. He was our Blue Heeler. What a character he was- full of energy and personality.

He was a terrific hand out on the farm herding cattle, pigs, and chickens.

If we were out working in the pastures, Rowdy was right there with us.

If we were in our little farmhouse, Rowdy was on the porch waiting for us to come out and take on a new adventure together.

If we were sitting out by the fire, Rowdy was there snipping at the embers that drifted away to the stars- we always thought that was a little weird, Rowdy biting at fire.

If we were blowing bubbles, Rowdy was there leaping through the air chomping away at the round shiny floating clusters.

We thought we had broken him of the habit of chasing cars. Blue Heelers by nature are chasers and herders. It's what they live for. Rowdy had his whole entire muzzle ran over by the trash truck before. He walked away with the most mangled up teeth you'd ever seen. The top part of his mouth was split in two. Rowdy was rushed to the vet in town. They vet said he'd be just fine. And he was.

But, last night a car got the best of him.

We've lost two amazing dogs to the road we live on. It's a busy highway.

I don't know if I can bare to have another dog. We love them, raise them, train them, and welcome them as part of our family- then they are gone. Sounds a little dramatic, but it's true.

But, what is life in the country on a farm without a dog?

Rowdy, we'll miss you.

We are very sad not hearing your "broken bark" as the farm buggy fired up this morning.

You were such a wonderful asset to this farm! It won't be the same without you.


Grace @ Ruby Moon Designs said...

That's so sad...I don't even want to think about being without our BoBo---even though he is sometimes annoying, I still love having him as part of the family!

"All dogs go to Heaven!"


Kayla said...

So sad to hear this! Rowdy was the best dog ever! I know little RaeRae will surly miss him. That was her pal. Love y'all!

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about Rowdy!

He was a very very cool dog.

Js Dad

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness...can't see to type with all the tears running down my checks..gracie...rowdy...don't know if grandma can take anymore grand-dogs going to heaven..we will miss rowdy at all our family get to-gethers cause he was always in the middle of us enjoying it all...bye-bye grandma

TxFarmhouse said...

That just makes me sick to hear of losing Rowdy. I'm so sorry that your family is having to experience his absence. I'm sure he's chasing bubbles right now at Rainbow Bridge.

mandi said...

oh, so sad. i'm sorry lyns. i know losing a dog is so hard...

Anonymous said...

I am so Sorry to hear about Rowdy.. he was a wonderful dog...I know the girls are going to miss him..they have some big losses to deal with so close together... I was reminded about the Warm Place that deals with children and loss do to help the kids.. they have the children take 1/2 pieces of paper and draw or write memories of the loved one/ pet and then attach them to a balloon then relesase them in the air...
Love Aunt Terri

lillie mae acres said...

I'm so sorry for your family's loss. We recently lost our German Shepherd in early June and it's still raw. Our dogs are part of the family, I understand that completely.
Time will heal, but it's a tuffy.

Brandi Tejeda said...

So sorry for your loss Lynsey. How are the kids taking it? Mine were ok yesterday with the passing of our sweet Lucky, but today has been a little harder. My Avah (3) cried for about 1/2 an hour this morning for her sweet Lucky. She was worried about him in Heaven. She said she worried about him having enough dog food. So sweet....