Thursday, November 5, 2009

a very happy farmer's wife....

{taken yesterday on our anniversary}

Can I just take a moment to tell you how amazing my husband is?

He pulled out the big guns this year and blew my socks off!!!

I've been wanting to grind my own wheat for quite some time now for my homemade breads. The only problem was that I didn't have a wheat grinder.

And I really wanted a hand wheat grinder in case we are ever without power for long periods of time....that's another post:).

There is something fun and magical about turning a handle to grind wheat.

Jason gave me The Country Living Grain Mill for our anniversary and I couldn't be more excited!! This was such a great gift. He is the BEST gift giver and always goes all out.

Thanks Honey!

I can't wait to try it out and begin grinding my own wheat, corn, and beans. How fun!!!!

I just need a reliable source to order my wheat berries from.

Any suggestions???


Kirby said...

LYNS~! I am SO EXCITED for you!

I have been thinking so much about grinders lately..can't wait to hear all about it (and maybe give it a spin when I come visit you) so that I can finally decide which one to buy one day...

AND...I loved that was good for my soul.

Love ya, girl! Happy, Happy Anniversary!

mimi said...
I get mine from walton feed. There's a co-op in San Antonio and that co-op might have a pick-up in your area. (The co-op orders from them.)
I have the NutriMill grinder and love it. Also the Bosch mixer that makes several loaves at once. If you order the 6 gallon buckets of grain, go to Pleasant Hill and order the colored lids and the lid crank (it takes the original lid off). I have golden 86 wheat berries and some hard winter red wheat berries. The golden 86 is lighter. If you have any questions I'll be more than happy to help, plus there's lots of information on Pleasant Hill grain website. Another fun bread website is and's a forum.
mimi h (Judy's mom)

mimi said...

also they have prairie gold and the hard red winter wheat berries. Prairie Gold is like golden 86 wheat berries. But you should get the hard red winter wheat also. I'll try and find that co-op name for you. Or you can call walton and ask for name of San Antonio Co-op name and number

Hendrick Family said...

I am super jealous.

But...we'll let you do all the research and then just do what you do!

I want one of these...and one of those deals Mimi is talking about that bakes several loaves at once.


Hendrick Family said...

Oh...and yep.

If we get one of these, Kirby it will have to be a rule that we ALWAYS sing that song while we grind our wheat. better sing it too.

Country livin's gonna make me whole.


Hendrick Family said... many comments can I leave on one post. That's the question.

But...I forgot to tell you that you look so pretty in this picture...and in the picture down below with the girls.

I LOVE your short hair when it is wavy. You look strikingly beautiful!

Love you!

mandi said...


i have no words...

i get my grain through

way to go, jason!!!

beautiful picture, by the way

and no- i'm not kissing up just so i can get a turn at the grinder...


mimi said...

If you call Walton and get the name/number of the San Antonio co-op, you'll save so much on shipping. Plus I know of a Marine that goes to San Antonio once a month and he might pick it up for you!!!!! Those 6 gallon buckets weigh alot and shipping is expensive. Let us all know where you decide to buy your berries and cost! And also how much fun it is to grind those berries. We need more Little Red Hens.(I love that story)

Kirby said...

I agree! You do look SO strikingly beautiful in this pic! I LOVE IT!

And...Asher will miss Rowdy, too. I don't think he'll stop calling for him when we ride in the farm buggy, though.

mimi said...

I'm so sorry about Rowdy. I know yall will always remember him. It's so sad when you lose a loved animal.
I found the name of the lady in San Antonio who can help you with bulk whole grain ordering with the co-op. It's been a year but hopefully she still has the co-op. Cindy Wilder at 210-680-5388. it will help with shipping costs. I don't know the name of the co-op or if it has a name. And I think she had pick up points, but remember you know someone who regularly goes to SA every month!
mimi h.

Anonymous said...

Lyns -
Americas Country Store in Wellborn is placing big orders and she is currently putting together a wheatberry order. We just finished a VERY big bulk order and another is coming up. send me your email and I will have Rebevra put you on her mailing list. I just bought 11 buckets of wheat from her and oat groats too....can't wait!!!