Friday, December 11, 2009

Pea Shooter

One of my main terms of endearment for Ruthie is 'Pea Shooter'- for no reason in particular. I've not ever heard this before, nor is it something you typically hear when a parent refers to their child.

But, for us, it works. And I love it.

You can imagine my delight when my friend, Holly, showed up at my house with this adorable knitted pea hat. There is a little knitted pea pod on the tip top of the hat that is just precious!

I thought I'd snap a few photos of my 'Pea Shooter' in her hat.


The praying 'Pea Shooter'.....doesn't it look like she is praying??

Kaylyn could not stop telling Ruthie how cute she was and of course had to have pic of her with her baby sister! Ruthie gets lots of kisses!


Grace said...

Cute nick-name...and even cuter girls!

Kayla said...

Love me some Pea Shooter!!! How adorable is that hat! I love it. Leave it to Holly to find something that cute! That girl has so many tricks up her sleeve! Love that girl.

Anonymous said...

cute..cute..yep..pea shooter is a great name for our ruthie..just sooo blessed too have her in our lives.. she is a sweetie for sure..can see why all kk and laney rae want to keep on kissin' her..thanks holly for that adorable grandma

mandi said...

sweet pea!