Thursday, December 10, 2009

Big Girl Room

When we had Ruthie and added on to our house, we re-decorated Kaylyn's room and gave her all new furniture (our old bedroom furniture).

Her previous room was in vintage schoolroom-themed decor- scroll down to the bottom. Our house has changed a lot since that post since we added on (more pics to come).

We recycled Kaylyn's old room and gave it to Laney Rae. It seemed to fit Laney Rae's personality a little better and was more "fun" and "playful".

When I began brainstorming on Kaylyn's new room, I knew that I wanted it to be girlie. Kaylyn's main two requests were that it be PINK and have a PINK CHANDELIER.

I wanted the look to be somewhat of a vintage shabby almost flea market look, but I didn't quite to know how to pull it off or pull it together. I didn't want all the pinks to match nor the greens.

I also wanted her room to grow old with her. I wanted it to be appropriate for a 5 year old and an 18 year old. I also wanted it to serve as a guest room when we had visitors. So, it had to be inviting and cozy for adults too. I really didn't think it was possible to make all of this happen while achieving the "look" I wanted.

Enter- the amazing Holly Mathis of Holly Mathis Interiors....

She is a dear dear friend of mine and so talented. Holly has a heart of gold and has a passion for helping mamas just like me take their vision and make it happen leaving behind a beautifully functional home.....and not breaking the bank in the process. Holly is so good about taking your style and making it come to life.

We had a blast together on this project. She made it effortless and fun- I was pregnant and hormonal at the time so I greatly appreciated that!

Budget was also a concern of mine because I was re-doing three rooms at once. We re-purposed our old bedroom furniture and used it in Kaylyn's room. Most of the accessories were purchased either at thrift stores, resale shops, antique stores, or were given to me by Holly (she was re-doing a room at the time too so I hit the jackpot:) or Missy, another friend of mine.

The curtains, shabby flag banner above the bed, and rug were all purchased from Target. Those were the only new items in the entire room.

I even found the chenille comforter and chenille slipcover at a thrift store for dirt cheap. They were white and in perfect condition.

Holly helped me with Ruthie's room and also our bedroom (pics to come) too. I'm so thrilled with how everything turned out. I could move in to Kaylyn's room myself....I love being in there and curling up with Kaylyn and reading a book. Its exactly what I wanted her room to be!

Head over to Holly's site and check her out. Holly would be thrilled to help you out with your next decorating project.

Below are some more pics of Kaylyn's new big girl room.

I made this wreath out of burlap, linen, and fabric using THIS tutorial.

this basket is lovingly referred to as "the baby doll basket"


Gwynie Pie said...

Oh so cute! What a great big girl room. Also, love that wreath. Gonna be trying that this week. Have a blessed day......

Gwyn Rosser
The Pink Tractor

Grace said...


Kayla said...

I have always loved KK's room!! And the pictures are great but really they do not do it justice. And I can say that not only is it warm and cozy for KK, it really his quite inviting for guests as well. :) The wreath went perfect in there! Had fun making those with you!

Anonymous said... all about kaylyn grace..oh how precious holly & you made it soooo special for is a beautiful big girl room.. grandma also loves sleeping there.. the "pillows" and bed are sooo comfy love it and you all too. grangma

Carpio Family said...

oh wow you did an amazing job. Also where did you get the chest at the foot of her bed?

Williams Five said...

It is beautiful Lyns! I think I need to give Holly a call!!

Love ya and miss y'all.

We need to have a field trip to the farm soon!!

mandi said...

umm, yeah, dylin is NOT allowed over to your house for the duration of the holidays. if she sees that pink tree she is going to die. and take me down with her! she has been asking for one for months now. now she says, "ok, if we find one at higgins branch, can i have it?". my poor deprived, sharing a room with a brother, girl. she is hoping for a sister for the main purpose that she can share a room with her and make it pink!

Mrs. A said...

Wow, I just found your blog and it is totally my style! So encouraging and uplifting. Our heavenly Father is so good to us!


Hendrick Family said...

I too vouch for the comfy factor of this room. I didn't want to get out of that bed in the mornings.

It's so cute!! What girl doesn't dream of a pink chandelier?


Traci said...

Lynsey...that room just screams Rachel Ashwell in a very good way. Amazing. I made your beef stew by the you remember me? Merry Christmas! I snagged your blog off Mandi's favorites. ;-)