Friday, October 17, 2008

How could I have forgotten these???

I can't believe I left these gems off my favs list below! I feel at peace with my craving for tots now. It may not be spinach or tomatoes, but you know what they say about having an apple a day. I must get extra bonus points because I eat two of these a day- one for breakfast and one before bed at night.

However, they aren't just any apples.

You see, my friends. They are none other than Honey Crisp Apples and are available only ONE time a year.......and its that time! Someone just got up from their computer, rushed to their car, and went to the grocery store to battle the crazed shoppers. I just know it.

Did I mention these can become an expensive addiction? These heavenly apples sell for 2.99 a pound!!!! Apparently the only size they grow them in are jumbo. Farmers, can you help a sister out here???? So one apple is pretty much an entire meal and cost a ridiculous amount. They are totally worth every dime and nook and cranny of your stomach. 

During previous seasons of the Honey Crisp, our family has had to ration by sharing the apple of the day. But, since I'm pregnant and I'm CRAVING these babies, I get unlimited amounts of them (insert evil laugh here). 


Some of my favorite ways to eat the best apples ever are....

sliced up with lime juice squeezed over the top.

sliced up and dipped in peanut butter (organic pb, of course!). You must try this!

sliced up with Redmond Sea Salt sprinkled over them.

Yum! At any rate, you must slice them up. It makes them last much longer. 

I was buying some at HEB on Tuesday. KK and I had a 10 minute long conversation with another woman and her children about these delicious apples. They, too, wait for them all year long and as soon as they make their debut into the store, they pounce on them. Rightly so.....they are simply awesome.

This conversation was the result of KK screaming "Honey Crisp Apples!!!!!!" as soon as we walked into HEB. The girl loves them as much as her momma. 

You can also read about these apples HERE and HERE on my sister-in-law's blog. They love them too!

Join the club and go get you some!!!! Proceed with caution because they will get you hooked.


texasmcvays said...

That is Heather's influence :) on you. As I recall last year you were trying to see if you could grow those apples here in Texas....Kyle

QuiltedSimple said...

I have not seen them in Ohio - guess I ought to look at the store tomorrow. Right now I'm doing apples for applesauce - Melrose and Gala - yummy!

Anonymous said...


Carrie said...

Last year I was reading Heather's blog and she mentioned these evil apples. Evil because my grocery budget goes out the window!! We love them.

mandi said...

oh man- we're crazy for honeycrisps too! i recently went to order a case of organic honey crisps. a case was $70! so i wne with the gala- for $35. darn your overpriced deliciousness!

Hendrick Family said...

Those darn apples!

Does anyone have any money I can borrow?



carahinojosa said... You have done a very bad thing introducing me to these. They are awesome! And I don't even like apples--except when they're in pie. :)

Grace said...

You inspired me to try out these gems...and boy, are they GOOD!!! I can't believe that I haven't fallen in love with these before now. I only bought one just to see how good they are, but of course that 1 was gone within the day, so I have to go get more....where can I skimp on the budget to fit these in? I'm sure I'll find something! :)

Connie said...

O.k., I did get on the honey-crisp-apple-wagon last year and yes, they are HUGE.

However, at Whole Foods (we love this place..mostly organic everything), I found a ridiculously cute bag of "Honey Babies" and they were a mini form of the giant variety.

O.k., so smaller isn't exactly better but you can still get your apple a day a not take out a loan.