Wednesday, October 22, 2008

You must see this.......

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This is not the video I showed in a previous post. Its an entirely new video with new quotes in it. Please take a few moments to watch the following. It isn't very long, but its very to the point.

Here is yet another video with Obama's extreme views on abortion. Again, this issue is one that is very close to my heart even in light of such a sketchy economy. I feel the abortion issue is being overlooked in the upcoming election thus Obama's radical views on this issue are being overlooked. 

Voters simply DO NOT realize how pivotal this election is on where our nation will stand in the upcoming months in its value towards human life. 

Here are some quotes from the video that are noteworthy. The last one is probably the most significant simply because Obama has stated what the first thing he will do as President of The United States of America.

"I've got two daughters- a 9 year old and a 6 year old. I'm going to teach them first about morals and values. But, if they make a mistake, I don't want them PUNISHED with a baby."
- Sen. Obama

"Roe vs. Wade hangs in the balance." 
-Sen Obama

"The FIRST thing I'd do as president is sign the Freedom of Choice Act."
- Sen Obama

In case you are wondering what the Freedom of Choice Act is it will remove all restrictions on abortion including partial birth abortion, parental notification, and informed consent.

I'm curious to know if these videos or what Obama has said in regards to abortion and infanticide have affected your decision in the upcoming election. If so, what was it that he said? 

If they haven't affected your view of him as the leader of our country, what keeps you supportive of him? 


CarpioFamily said...

Hey, ok so I feel i need to say thanks.
I knew we weren't going to vote for him, but I didn't know how hard core he was.
I seriously think this is a great time to mention this before elections, but also while the 40 Days for life is going on.
Thank you for posting this and doing the reasearch.

Oh and Congrats on you baby on the way!!

matt, larra, and brody said...

Thanks Lyns! I just watched this like 3 times. And then forwarded it on to family and friends!

Choose life!

QuiltedSimple said...

Thanks for posting this. One more reason i don't LIKE HIM AT ALL. While I think neither of them are the best choice, I truly believe that he (Obama) is scary!
Hope you're feeling good!

Grace said...

Lynsey, thanks for posting about this serious issue. I CAN NOT even begin to understand how anyone can justify taking a precious human life...and seeing the numbers of aborted babies made me cry. You're right, it seems as if this issue is being swept under the carpet, but we have to get the word out!

Grace said...

Just put up this video and my facebook and also sent out an e-mail to family/friends...thanks again for shedding some light on this!

sheridan said...

I hadn't seen this video yet. It literally makes me sick to my stomach to hear him talking also make me angry. I get so angry about him and I wanted to scream at him and the world the other night when he lied during the debate when asked about this issue! Thank you for sharing this. Sheridan

Anonymous said...

Obama has sided with the right to choose. He is not pro-abortion. He is pro-choice. He has never voted for partial birth abortion or infanticide. Anyone who thinks so has fallen victim to the right-wing's politico-machine that believes that if they say something enough that it must be true. In fact, the term partial birth abortion is a newly created word to instill fear among the electorate. Abortion is a practice best avoided, but the government does not have the right to step in and stipulate laws governing your body. It is scarier to believe that the government could consider taking your ability to terminate a rape-created baby.

Obama is not scary. People who vote for only one reason are scary. If you are voting for McCain, keep in mind you are voting for someone who advocates many other policies that run counter to your position on abortion. It is cynical and hypocritical to vote on this basis.

If you are against abortion, then I fully support your desire to avoid it at all costs. But, you should not try to legislate from the pulpit.

Choose informed, intelligent decision-making.
Choose to reject fear.
Choose civil liberties.

In the end, do not blame me if McCain is elected. I am voting for Obama.

Heidi said...

ANON - if there should be no laws governing a womans body, then why do we have laws against drugs, for seat belts, speed limits, drunk driving etc. ALL of our laws govern our decisions and our bodys..... Do unborn children not have the same right?

As far as why someone votes - thats up to them. Weather you think its a good idea or not. If the republican candiate was THE BEST choice for everything else, but was still pro-life, would you still vote democratic based on the ONE thing that he may not agree with you on? If so, THAT my friend is hypocritical, so is hiding behind anonymous....
As far as legislating from the pulpit, you dont know what reasons someone is pro-life. It is completly possible that there is no relgion involved in thier decision - maybe you are the one who needs to take a second look too. I cant wait till this is all over with, it creates such animocity in people for all sorts of reasons. If you want to attack my spelling - FEEL FREE!!! LOL

Thanks for posting this!!!

Amy said...

I am pro-life, so to speak, but when I say pro-life I mean it in a much broader way. I am not pro-abortion, but I am still supportive of Obama. A friend of mine says it well on his blog. I have a baby on my knee and he sums it up nicely so I'll leave you some food for thought that I did not pen:

Evangelical Concerns and Republicans: Rhetoric or reality?
Peter Zylstra-Moore

As a former youth pastor of an Evangelical church, I felt and continue to feel that there is a lot within evangelicalism that the world needs to hear. However, I have grown increasingly concerned over how evangelicals have been manipulated by empty rhetoric of especially the Republican Party. Evangelicals, more than any other group in American society, suggest they vote the way they vote for moral or ethical reasons. These issues often concentrate around the issue of abortion. However, are the outcomes of Republicanism consistent with their claims, and are they consistent with Evangelicalism?

Many Republicans claim moral high ground when it comes to the rights of unborn children. The American abortion rate is 20 abortions per year for every 1,000 women of child bearing age. The rate is actually the highest of any of the G8 countries. Western Europe’s rate stands at 12 and Canada’s at 14.1. The global average is 29, with the most abortions occurring where it is illegal, where there is poor or no healthcare, and/or in countries with poor access to contraception. Thus abortion rates go down where there is strong promotion of women’s rights, including reproductive rights.

Conservatives have traditionally sought to avoid abortions through policies of abstinence-very often fighting against sex education, or at least certain topics within sex education. I don’t disagree that saving yourself for marriage is incredibly rewarding, that it can be a source of trust, selflessness, safety and joy. Subsequently, it should be a part of sex education. However we must also recognize a world around us where pre-marital sex is a reality both inside and outside of churches, and thus hold to an ideal while working within a muddy world. Thus we must cry out against the Bush administration that is cutting aid for condoms in AIDS-ravaged Africa.

Biblically, many passages used to support full human life within the womb relate God’s intimate knowledge and knitting together of life within the womb. However biblical poetry has been used to argue that the earth is flat, that contraception is wrong, or that the earth is center of the universe, etc and so how clearly these verses apply is debatable. Verses pertaining to intimate knowledge of the hairs of our head or birds of the air aren’t then used to suggest cutting our hair or eating meat is subsequently murder. Similarly poetic verses like Genesis 2:7 can argue the other way-that humans become a living soul upon receiving the breath of life-thus life begins at first breath.

Scientifically, accidental miscarriages are normal. “50% of pregnancies miscarry before implantation in the womb occurs. Early after implantation, pregnancy loss rate is about 30%. After a pregnancy may be clinically recognised (between days 35-50), about 25% will end in miscarriage.” (
So then what is our spiritual reaction to abortion? Do we honestly feel the same way about mass murderers and abortion doctors? Do we feel the same way about women who have an abortion as murderers? Our grieving process is also different for fetuses, though not absent (especially for the couple involved both psychologically and biologically for the women). However, the death is often without funeral. Again, suggesting whatever our professed beliefs, our internal beliefs are very different.

In summary, abortions are the poorest available option but it remains an issue among issues. Practically, abortions are least common where women’s reproductive rights are respected, where protection is available, and where social services help mothers receive the medical help and the financial security in their need. If Republicans were concerned with the life of children they would be advocating for and not against single payer healthcare. Evangelicals should advocate against the death penalty. Evangelicals should argue for more diplomacy and not less, to save lives of Americans and other persons rather than play fast and loose with them. How the issue affects our voting should be based on the real world, and not political rhetoric, and in the real world the democratic strategies favored in Europe and Canada have something to teach conservative America about protecting our unborn children.

As Evangelicals, we have an important voice in helping an increasingly individual and confused generation recognize the fingerprints of God in all creation, and the image of God in all people. Evangelicalism desire to place high value on life, even that of the unborn, is an important message in a world where many people are unsure of even who they are and their inherent worth as bearers of the image of God. However, if we want to reduce abortions, it is not through making it illegal, but through a mixed approach. We can maintain that sex is best confined to marriage, while allowing for sex education, accessibility to protection, and providing single mothers, the poor and middle class with affordable access to health care and social services.

Amy said...

Oh, I meant that Peter sums it up nicely, not the baby on my knee. :)

I've heard so much about you guys, and would love to meet y'all!

The Kramer Family said...

Hi Amy!

I'd love to meet you someday as well!

I thought you might be interested in a conversation that's happening in the bloggy world. My sister in law is hosting a "political-type" forum for believers to openly discuss why they voted a certain way. Its pretty interesting. Her blog address is

Thanks for the comment!