Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Just in case you're wondering.........

God's last name is Lord.


Jason, the girls, and I were driving to a farmer's market yesterday in Houston. 

Out of the blue KK says,"Hey. Do you know that God's last name is Lord?"

"Ummmm. No. No we didn't."

And then Jason and I snickered at each other and had a we-have-some-cute-adorable-smart-girls moment. It was the best. 

I'm working on some posts for this here blog. Farm marketing is in full swing and has taken up lots of my day. Its super fun and networking is right up my alley. So it's all good.

Posts coming up in the not-so-distant future:

- Natural Health Necessities; Easy & Simple
- Creative idea for a picky eater.......and I'm not referring to Laney Rae here. 


mandi said...

funny girl! i love those moments!

oh- and i just read your post about HFCS. i saw a commercial like it in california. a couple out on a date, having a picnic. she offers him a popcicle and he says no "it's full of HFCS". and then she enlightens him on the benefits. something like "duh, it's from corn- what's so bad about corn? it's a vegetable". i was so mad! where is the info on it being linked/blamed to the epidemic of childhood diabetes? or that it is really a man-made substance that your body doesn't recognize as being natural on any account (because it's not). that's like when they label MSG as "natural flavorings" on food labels...because technically MSG starts out as beets. but hello, beets don't eat away the lining of your stomach...AAH!!! madness, i say, madness!

QuiltedSimple said...

Cute funny girl. More kids need to think like this (then there would be a lot less problems, doncha think?)
Take care,

Anonymous said...

how precious to here kaylyn come up with that beautiful thought about our wonderful savior...just knowing that her thoughts are about HIM is very clever she that sweet grandma..JESUS loves the little children all the children of the world...

Aldape family said...

Ahhh i love this! KK has such a sweet heart. .... I love playing the last name game with her because the way she says my last name is just precious.
By the way girl, I had a chance to REALLY look at the website today and I am so impressed. You did a great jod! The literature and information is great. The Lord has really used you and Jason's gifts in a great way. We are so excited to see what the new chapter for the farm is going to hold.
We love y'all

Pine Pod Farm said...

Kids sure do come up with good answers sometimes though!

texasmcvays said...

Congratulations on your upcoming Kramer word has made it to LHBC.I am so excited for my PCOS sista!

FiveGreers said...

Hi! THis is my first time browsing your blog- you have some very interesting articles. I'll be back to read more later!
YEP, kids do say the funniest things, and you'd better be sure to write them all down so you don't forget them!!
We've had chickens before too! They are such silly animals, but I love the way they waddle across the yard. Can't wait to get more, after we rebuild a new cage for at night. We have coyotes that like chicken for late night snacks!

Blessings to you from southern California!