Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Tribute to Favs

Pregnancy is in full swing around here complete with nausea, weird quirks, and cravings.

In all honesty, I didn't have weird quirks with my other two pregnancies, but this time around its been a little different......okay A LOT different.

Here in no particular order are some favorites in my pregnant life right now.


I was confessing this addiction to some of my sweet friends at the library today. This is seriously all I crave all of the time. I LOVE them. They are the perfect snack.

Of course, I'd much rather crave something good that has some sort of nutritional value to it like spinach or granola or tomatoes, but all I want are these crunchy fried outside and soft formaldehyde dyed inside tots.

Must. Eat. With. Ketchup.


Because you gotta have something to wash the tots down with. Yummy! Have you had one of these?


I have re-vamped all of my cleaners and mop solutions with the scent of lavender. Its all I can clean with and not get nauseous. And actually lavender is a natural anti-nausea aromatherapy remedy. Its great!

Which leads me to……..


This lotion is heavenly. If I get to feeling slightly nauseous, I rub this stuff all over. It has worked pretty well!

#5. NAPS!

Praise the Lord who gives generously to His people even in the small form of rest for an ole’ pregnant gal. My girls are thankfully on the same nap schedule, which helps me get a nap in the afternoons with them during this first trimester when I’m feeling so tired all of the time.


I never thought I’d say this, but I can’t drink coffee in the mornings. The thought of it makes me sick! If you know me, you probably just gasped out loud.

But, because I was skipping the coffee, I wasn’t able to even move in the mornings. My love for coffee was/is so deep and was a daily part of my morning routine. But, without it I looked as though I was in a partial comma most of the morning until my nap (see #5).

So, I adopted being a tea drinker for this season in my life. I don’t think this will forever be the case, but for now, it gets me going in the mornings and soothes my stomach at the same time. Ginger is also an anti-nausea remedy. I’m all about things that create an anti-nausea environment.


Last and most certainly not least, my husband is most definitely a fav of mine…….always really! He did the dishes yesterday and washed every disgusting pan in sight. It was pretty incredible and I’m so thankful for him putting up with my weird quirk that I had yesterday. I was having a hard time being near my kitchen. Maybe it was a combination of the dread and the smells all compiled into one big mess. It was pretty bad in there.

We have thought it has been slightly odd that I have some weird things that I can’t stand right now. Like I said earlier, this is all new to me. Jason thought I was a pretty awesome pregnant lady before because I was so tough (although still very sick) and didn’t have weird quirks that most women have when they are pregnant- believe me I’ve heard a lot. However, I think I’ve decreased on the awesome scale this time around. Hopefully my weird dislikes will disappear eventually.

I used to love examining earwax on a q-tip mainly because I never get anything good out of my ears. I’m always left disappointed after a clean sweep. However, Jason gets really excited about showing me his latest find- we are a really close-knit family. I would clap with excitement and awe at the volume and color of the gooey mess. But, he tried this the other day with me and I almost threw up in my mouth. KK got a kick out of this and started chasing me around with my husband’s ear goo. Yuck!

I almost lost it yesterday when Jason started talking about his love for tuna nachos as we were eating fajita nachos. I made him zip it instantly.

I do have moments where I feel great. I’m sure I would look insane if you witnessed me during these moments since I look like I’m competing for the Olympics in the sport of Speed Cleaning. I try to work as fast and as hard as I can because I don’t know how soon I will start feeling bad again.

Well, there you have it. Me. Pregnant. 7 weeks. I will most certainly not post any belly shots until I'm absolutely sure that what you are seeing is indeed from the baby causing my tummy to protrude. I've been going back and forth on that one already. Baby? Me? Baby? Or me? Hmmm.


mandi said...

you are so funny! did i tell you this morning about something my ob said with levi. i was at my first appt. and already 'showing'. he took one look at me and asked 'have you been eating a lot of carbs?' nice. and yeah, so maybe i had been. all i could keep down was white flour crackers. for the first trimester levi was known as my carb baby.

Kramer said...

Quirks or no quirks you are the most awesome pregnant wife I have ever had...haaaaaa. I love you so very much and am so thankful that our little baby gets to have your tummy as its home. Thank you for loving babies cause I sure do love my girls. You rock.


The Mosiers said...

Amen to the Sonic tator tots! I can't get enough of those either! I just say that Baby Cade loves them therefore I must give in.

The Kramer Family said...

Oh Mandi! That's hilarious. I'm sure I look beyond bloated to the common eye right now! Carbs are my new best friend! Oh and sugar.

Jason, you're sweet. Really sweet! I love that you said 'tummy' too. That makes you sweet and CUTE.

QuiltedSimple said...

You are so funny! I laughed the whole time. Seriously, I hope you get over this phase soon. I've never had Sonic tator tots (I don't know that we have a sonic near us) but they look yummy! I was sick once with Jessie on pizza and it was 5 or 6 years until I could eat pizza again - which was really sad in our house!

Judy said...

Oh Lyns I love love this post! It reminds me of craving tator tots and corn dogs and loathing the thought of coffee in the morning! Isn't that strange? Keep up the posts. I love to hear how you are doing!
Love you!

Brandi said...

girl, tuna nachos???

i just almost threw up in my own mouth, and i'm not even pregnant.

Anonymous said...

LOL, hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly!

God bless you and your family Lyns,


Aldape family said...

Thanks for sharing your quirks! The way our bodies react when we are pregnant is still a mystery to me! ....I remember the thought of hot dogs would set me off in a heartbeat, and unfortunatly I had a boss who ate chili dogs for lunch all the time... yuck... I hope your nausea gets better soon!

mimi said...

I remember when I was pregnant with Judy (way back when) I couldn't stand hot cooked food. It was so nauseating to me. Any cooked food I ate had to set out for a while until it was cold! Cooked cold food. It didn't matter what food it was, if it was cooked, it had to be completely cold before I could eat it. I didn't think it was strange at the time, but now it sounds gross. Hope the nausea goes away soon. so excited for you!
Love, mimi

Connie said...

Hey Kramers! Congratulations!

Jason, you DO rock for the kitchen work...that place is a killer when the nausea is in full swing.

Lynsey! Sorry about the nausea.....I was one of "those" pregnant women you refer to...much to my husbands dismay. I hope it gets better for you SOON. I kept a washcloth doused in my favorite sent and held it up to my nose in places like public restrooms or just anywhere that made me want to barf. It worked well.

I have to share one awful moment from my first pregnancy.

I was an office manager and one of the younger guys came in my office and I suddenly held one hand over my mouth and one almost in his face and shouted "Wait! Stop! Do you wash your clothes in Mountain Spring Tide?"

He said...yes, he just bought it.

I said "Get out. GET OUT! Now!" Don't come back in my office until you buy some new detergent!"

Then I threw up.

He paged me on the phone the rest of the day AND the sweet innocent boy DID get new detergent. I will forever be indebted to him.

STILL to this day...can't take the Mountain Spring Tide. Ewww...I have to stop thinking about it.....

The Kramer Family said...

That's hilarious.

I'm SO WITH YOU on Mountain Spring Tide. I'm that way not being pregnant with that awful smell. I can smell that stuff a mile away and it makes me GAG! That is hilarious. I thought I was the only one. I would seriously probably go crazy if I had to sniff that all day long right now. I can't imagine!

Seriously. Thanks for sharing!

Garratts said...

MMMM tator tots. For me it was pop tarts and a big glass of milk or oj. Of course followed by about 4 tums.

Alice said...

I adore your blog. I'm done with having kiddos, but still remember craving Pappasitos-chips and salsa. Or maybe thats just all the time. An no uncooked ground meat was allowed in my site. Oh the Joys...

Ashley McWhorter said...

I bet it is a BOY!!!!! :)

The Kramer Family said...

Ashley! You just made my day girlfriend. Seriously. I don't think I could even believe it until I held that little boy in my arms. Wow.