Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The blog has arrived!

I'm so thrilled and excited to announce that Farmer Jason has posted his very first post on his very own blog!

I can't wait for you to see and learn about Yonder Way Farm through his eyes and heart. He truly is gifted with passion and knowledge about turning our farm into something unlike anything in this area.

I love this man more than this blog post could do justice. I'm just plain ole' excited that you get to learn more about this incredible man that I adore and take a peak at what goes on inside his bald head.

I have been encouraging him for quite a while now about starting a blog that contained the daily happenings around the farm. He is a big journal-er (word?) and has a journal filled with farm facts.

I love that he walks out to the rain gauge every time it rains to see how much rain we received....and writes it in his journal.

I love that he knows how long the cows have been on their particular pad grazing for however many days in ALL 31 pads........and writes it in his journal.

I love that he knows the temperature for that day, the week before that, and the week after that........and writes it in his journal.

I love that he is the chicken whisperer, cow whisperer, goat whisperer, pig whisperer, and Rowdy whisperer all rolled up into one person. (just kidding.......not really:)

I love that he knows exactly how many eggs our chickens have laid since we've had them. I just asked him this question and this was his answer. Really. I'm not kidding.

"Honey, how many eggs have our chickens laid since we've had them?" (I KNEW that he knew the answer. How is that for confidence?)



"Jimminy crickets. Well let's see. We've probably averaged 6 eggs per day. Times 30 days a month which is 180 eggs times 6 months which is 1,080 eggs."

I'm not even kidding the man is incredible with numbers. He said his 'hobby' during one of our premarital counseling sessions that his 'hobby' was playing with numbers. Ha! Who knew he'd use this 'hobby' in farming.

I love that he knows every minute detail about this farm and what makes it tick.

His prayer is his vision and his vision is his prayer.

Go see what he is up to and subscribe to it (I use to subsribe)! I highly recommend it.


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Sarah Shalley said...

SO EXCITED! I feel farm girlish. You're husband is super great - I really love some of his ideas!

Can't wait to come see you...I was sad to miss you for New Year's.

Anonymous said...


Can you get Jason's blog to allow anonymous responses.

I really just do not want to have to set up a blog account

J's Dad

5 Chicks and a Farmer said...

I'm all on that DK! It should be ready here shortly.

He is so precious with this blog thing. He types everything in word and I put it up for him with pictures. I'm sort of like his secretary too:). Oh, and he bought a small pocket size digital camera so he could have it on him at all times.

He really is a precious man!

Anonymous said...

hey lynsey dan...i pured my heart out to jay-bob about his wonderful new blog and i guess he can't receive anonymous comments...let me know how he can receive mom

5 Chicks and a Farmer said...

Hey mom,
It should have been fixed. I just went there and saw that Anonymous is now an option for you to 'pure' your heart out again! Ha! I love you.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I actually discovered your Blog from a link on Sugar Creek Farm Blog to your husband's Blog!

How exciting! Your profession of your love and devotion to your husband is very inspiring and heart-touching, too.

I'm enjoying your Blog very much!~

Sarah Shalley said...

Twinville is SO SWEET! What a wonderful compliment.