Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Diary of a Farmer's Wife, Chapter One

This story is piggy backing off of Jason's story that was told on his blog HERE. But, since farmer Jason only told 1/4 of the story, I have to tell the rest.

He was out collecting eggs (a nightly routine of ours) and found a GI-NORMOUS egg in one of the coops. I knew it was some egg because I was sitting at my computer and three different times he repeated,"Babe, you HAVE to come and see this egg." So, on the third one I was up on my feet and headed to the kitchen.

As I entered the kitchen, I saw the biggest egg that I had ever seen! Being the wife/photographer that I am, I grabbed my camera and starting taking pictures of this thing to express my interest in this phenomenon to my husband. Little did I know that I was actually going to capture a pretty funny story in the process.

Jason said he looked for a chicken that was limping around in pain, but he had no such luck finding one for a photo of the impressive chick who laid this thing. That is like giving birth to a 10 pounder! These are the pictures that I took to tell the story of the gigantic egg!

Comparison shots

Fat egg in a little carton!

This is where the story gets funny.

I put on my lens cap at this point in the photo shoot thinking that I had done my duty of capturing this GI-NORMOUS egg. As I was putting on my lens cap, I heard an extremely loud noise and our whole house shook.

This is the actual moment, this was not re-staged!

Jason literally fell down on the floor in the kitchen and I took off running with my camera in tote to capture this moment- whatever it was.

All he could scream was,"Awe man! Awe man! Awe man!"

I thought that the egg mutated and hatched a little Gremlin that started attacking my husband. Or that we were about to be bombed by Al Queda and I was the only adult in my house not in 'the know'. Those were the two things running through my head. The way that Jason was acting, was as if the world as we know it was coming to an end.

But, in fact this is what happened to cause such a ruckus to emerge from Jason.

Egg drippage

The egg splattered as he was taking it out of the carton because as you've seen in the above photos, the egg was not going to fit. He was so upset.

Not only would Charolette have deemed this egg to be 'Some Egg', it was also a double-yolker which made it extra special to Jason. I know the minute that egg took up residence in this home, Jason was looking forward to the day that egg touched our cast iron skillet. Funny, I know! But, if you know Jason at all this would be a typical thought process of his.

Look at all of that yolk, people!

Can we say 'drama farmer'? After this story, it explained a lot to us about where our oldest gets her drama skills from. The mystery is now solved. And I captured every single bit of it on camera from beginning to end.

I love you so much, Jace! Life with you is never dull or boring. Boo yah!

Now, we are living one less- notice how all of the eggs are perfectly alternated according to their color. Jason has mad farmer skills.


Anonymous said...

Shoot that's a big egg! Or should I say..WAS a big egg. Jason must be "Super Farmer Jason" to make a chicken lay an egg like that!

Judy said...

Holy cow that's a great story! Thanks for filling in the rest. I wish I could be a fly on the wall at your house sometimes. :)

Anonymous said...

I can't stop laughing! Y'all are so funny!

Anonymous said...

EGG-cellent...way to go j-bob..after all that trouble for that little lady to push out such a masterpiece and right thru the fingers it goes...surprised j didn't just grab his skillet right there and try to cook it up..sorry go find that rooster and tell get busy..we ready for another...love momma sandy

Anonymous said...

Whew! Now I can get some sleep. Have been up checking the blog, tossing and turning thinking about the egg story. Unable to focus at work.

Thank you so much for finally telling the story.

Love you all Js Dad

texasmcvays said...

Laugh out loud funny! Wayne would have been thinking the same thing. Except I do not think Wayne knows about double yokers when that sucker was cracked open and he saw it the angels would have been singing. You guys are so precious! Kyle

Anonymous said...

Oh, my goodness! That was a REAL egg from one of OUR chickens? When I read the info on Jason's blog, I thought you had played a trick on him and put some giant store-bought egg in the chicken house. Have any more big ones like that landed again? HA! The joke probably is on us. The rooster responsible for that egg probably is one of the group out roaming with the cows, banished from our little lady hens!

Anonymous said...