Sunday, January 6, 2008

KK's gone huntin', Laney Rae is standing (sort of)

Yesterday was a fun day. We got to hang out around the house and play.

Kaylyn has turned into quite the outdoors gal. She has been fascinated with deer. But, not like the one in Bambi.

Jason has gone hunting the passed few weeks every morning. He got (nice way of saying 'shot') a deer before Christmas. Our freezer has thanked him for it and so has my belly. The deer is really delicious!

And did I mention he processed it (meaning skinned, cleaned, gutted, chopped up, and ground up) himself? The man is amazing. And did I mention that KK watched? Wow. We are turning into regular ole' hillbillies.

She has been asking for a while to go hunting with him. We've prepared her every single time she has asked by saying things like 'You know daddy has to shoot the deer with his gun to get the deer?' and 'Hunting requires that you be completely still and quiet. We don't know if you even know what those two words mean.' We've pretty much said everything except for 'The deer will die and be blasted into smithereens'. And yet, she still would reply that she wanted to go......every time.

This evening Jason woke KK up from her nap to see if she wanted to go hunting with daddy. She quickly woke up and leaped out of bed.

Jason had on his camouflage shirt and KK, being the fashion diva glamazon that she is, noticed that she DID NOT. We designed a make-shift hunting get up just for her. But, it HAD to be a camo dress.

Here is the 'design' and all its glory. We even had to make a hat out of the sleeve of the shirt because 'the deer would see her blonde hair' as she so eloquently put it.

Gotta love girls. Jason surely is the BEST sport about being surrounded by all of these females! KK will look back and treasure these moments she went hunting with daddy. Apparently she did really well. She didn't feel 'official' enough in the camping chairs that Jason brought for them to sit in. Instead, she wanted to relish in the full experience and climb up the tree in the deer stand.

When I went back inside the house from taking these photos and seeing my two precious hunters off, I was greeted by Laney Rae like this.

Homegirl was standing in her bed! She isn't even crawling yet. Jason and I really think she is going to skip crawling and go straight to walking. In the meantime, she just bounces everywhere.

Needless to say, there were a few 'firsts' in the Kramer home today.


Anonymous said...

Y'all rule man. I'm serious I might have to come do a hillbilly internship in May.

Anonymous said...

Your girls are so precious! I love KK's camo dress! I'm sure Jason is absolutely LOVING that she loves to do those things with him. We love you and your sweet family!

ps..the chicken alfredo was DELICIOUS!

Hendrick Family said...

Oh my word, they are so cute.

I love those girls!

And...I love the camo outfit. in, I would wear that.


BHG & Co. said...

Jason... I am impressed. Next year maybe I can shoot something with ya!

Jennifer Bacak said...

Those picture are priceless!!! KK is way too cute.
Can you hang around my house with your camera all the time? That would be awesome, thanks.
I so want to hang out at your farm sometime. Just reading this post made me want to.

Anonymous said...

cute...precious...awesome...GOD is great...not fair that i am SOOOO blessed...just love ya'll more and just get's think you never want your kid's to grow up...everyone just look what more blessing's they bring back too you...get married and have these beautiful grandkid's...and now starting their farm to show all what GOD has created for us on earth...WONDERFUL,COUNSELOR,MIGHTY GOD,EVERLASTING FATHER,PRINCE of PEACE...GOD bless grandma

Anonymous said...

Can we say hunting diva!! Love it!
And look at Laney Rae standing! Oh my goodness! They are the most wonderful nieces in the world.

Garratts said...

I love Doo-Doo heads.


The Kramer Family said...

I'm almost certain that Mike (or someone like him...uh hum....Aaron) might be commenting under Ash's name!

Seriously. What has happened to Ash?