Friday, January 25, 2008

Wanderings on Rain

(my not-so-cute boots full of rain......therefore we have RAIN BOOTS)

When so much of your life is spent outdoors, the rain can really put a damper on things......literally. We've been somewhat trapped in our home the passed four days. For us, that is a long time.

We were able to do a little work outside yesterday and plant some things in the garden. But, other than that we've been inside.

We've tried to make the best of it by keeping ourselves busy doing fun things inside. The great thing about rain is it forces my husband take a break from his work outside and he gets to come in a have fun with us too. I say 'forces' because Jason loves outside so much that he doesn't even consider it work therefore doesn't feel like he ever needs a break from being outdoors. I've been known to say a few times during these four days that "rain is God's gift to a farmer's wife."

The good things about rain are......

We make yummy 'Good fo yo bones, Chicken Noodle Soup'! I think I made so much it lasted us 3 days worth of delicious soup for lunch.
KK is learning the letter 'V' right now and so we've incorporated all of that into Valentine's themed school and bible studies learning about what love is. We decided to make every member in our family 'Love Boxes' so we could send each other love notes from now until February 14th. Since I'm a craft fanatic, I think I have more fun doing crafts than she does!

Laney Rae is drinking from a sippy cup now. She has been doing this for a while now, but here is a picture to prove it.

Jason and I have also used this time to start talking about and planning our Spring garden too. I am super excited about this! There will be more on this later.

The bad things about rain are..........

The chickens have made their way up to our front porch and have decided that this is their new home. Believe me! I have a porch-full-o-pooh to prove it. And the other bad thing is that we can't even scare them off. I will walk outside on the porch and act like a crazy person or mimic a gun shooting (which isn't really that great......I am a girl) and they just stare at me. I have been fighting with them for days to get them off only to fail in defeat every single time.

Chickens invading my porch and my cute boots.
Cruella (which is a 'dude' we now know) having a soggy bad hair day! I feel your pain man!
Look at them! It looks like they are having a town meeting to discuss the 'Porch Conspiracy'!

We often find ourselves just staring out windows looking outside. Oh how we miss you!
KK has invented ways of having fun indoors......which has nothing to do with the rain. That is in fact a pull-up on her head. She found an old package of them in her bathroom.


Sarah Shalley said...

Oh my! How precious! I need to come play with little KK. Tooooo cute. I love Valentine's decor.

The Mosiers said...

KK is so precious!! It sounds like you guys have been making the most of this rainy weather. By the way I'm loving the new hair Lyns!!!

Anonymous said...

Those Kramer girls are sure some good lookin Gals!

Miss you all

Js Dad

Steph said...

Yes!!!I am done with the rain! And it looks like rain for next week too! I'm already well on my way to insanity!
Anyways, to fight the rainy day blues, a couple of us library moms are planning a little get together. I wish I would have gotten your info on Weds. but here's my email. If you're interested then email me, and I'll fill you in on the details.
It was so great to meet you in real life. And I love your crazy chicken, by the way! :)

Kramer said...

I love my girls. Yall will never know how much yall mean to me and are on my mind. Thanks for making me feel so loved. How blessed am I.

theBirkenfelds said...

How fun! Your girls are precious.

That chicken was kinda freakin me out.. I'm not even gonna show Brock those pics, he is deathly afraid of them.. and the fact that they are crashing on your porch would probably give him nightmares!

Love you Kramer's!

Anonymous said...

chickens all the way on the porch...really is becoming more of a farm...way to go your box of love notes...good job mom for teaching her all of your marvelous ideas that you have...keep up the good work...thanks for putting GOD's way's into all that you show my precious grand-girls' you mom

Garratts said...

What a great idea...the vday boxes. You are too creative and such a great MOM.

Reese told me something funny in the car on the way home from Lyndon's party.

She said mom you know KK and I said yes. And then she said she is really cute.

I just laughed. What a cute friendship.

Aldape family said...

I love my nieces they are too too cute! I love the vday boxes. I will have to write a few love notes and give them to you to put in the girls' boxes! .... I would seriously pay big money to see you act like a cray lady and make gun shot noises to scare the chickens off. That would be priceless! Love you and love your cute family!
Kayla ( Tia)