Tuesday, June 3, 2008

ACV Pulls Through........Again!

The Kramers love Apple Cider Vinegar!

We have found so many uses for it around our home.

Recently, Kaylyn got a disgusting case of ringworm........on her beautiful face. I guess with living on a farm, this is bound to happen at least once. I looked in my essential oils book and read that lavender was used to treat ringworm as well. So, I added the lavender to ACV and the ringworm was gone after two applications!!!! After the first one, it began to dry up.

Some other things that we use ACV for around our home are acid reflux (Jason no longer as acid reflux), fleas, homemade mosquito spray, warts, and balances the pH. ACV has been known to help aid in all kinds of ailments including reduce cholesterol, weight loss, allergies, skin problems, herbicide- just to name a few.

We do know that the ACV that is raw, unfiltered, and contains the 'mother' is the absolute best for you. And it is a little more tolerable to take internally mixed with honey. Make sure the water is warm or the honey won't dissolve.

Don't just take my word for it. Look it up and see the millions of other uses for it.

ACV rocks!


Brandi said...

i'd stay with the treatment for awhile. the ringworm fungus lives deep in the skin. a lot of times it looks better after some treatment, and then comes back when the treatment is stopped. with a prescription product i would say 10 days after it looks like its healed. don't know about the acv, though. but you want to make sure that booger doesn't come back!

The Kramer Family said...

Thanks for the tip, Brandi! I will definitely keep her on it a little longer now because I DO NOT want it coming back. Yuck!

I think it is pretty awesome to have a doctor comment on my blog! You rock!


mandi said...

another great use- put it in the chicken's water and it cuts down on bacteria! great pics of garner- i love it there!

QuiltedSimple said...

Great ideas - we'll have to incorporate some of them. Sorry about Kaylynn's ringworm - we've had it here on and off - it's the pits that is for sure!!


Kari said...

OK Lindsey, I need to know how you use it for fleas.

We are having an issue with our animals and they have come into the house! You should see me feet!

We bombed Friday, but found 5 inside already today again!!! HELP!!!!

Sarah Shalley said...

I was gonna ask about the fleas too...my little Honey gets them when she goes to Nav. What do I do for a 12 lb dog? Also,what the heck - WEIGHTLOSS!!! How much of that nasty stuff do I drink? Where do I get it?

The Kramer Family said...


Oh no! That is terrible. I hate fleas in the house. We've had that happen to us before. It was a nightmare.

First of all, it isn't a fun or easy battle. And you won't instantly make them go away because fleas lay eggs. We use ACV in our pet's water and you can also use it as a spray diluted with water and spray directly onto pet.

As for right now and treating your house, the only thing we found that worked was Diatomaceous earth (DE). However, we had wood floors and so we sprinkled it all over and then swept and mopped it up. I would not recommend sprinkling it in carpet. We also put it in paper plates UNDER furniture like our couches, and things that children couldn't get access too. This worked well. And we even found other dead bugs in it also.

I would definitely look into using it. It does work and works well. Some people even sprinkle DE onto their pets spine to help with fleas.

As for the rooms in our home that had carpet, my vaccum and I were best friends. I vaccumed daily and made sure to empty the bag every single day. This helps get rid of the eggs.

Another natural (if you are trying to go the natural route) is a spray called Orange Guard. All that is in it is Orange Oil. I use it to spray bugs on plants, but it says that it works for fleas too. You can find it at HEB or Lowe's.

I hope this helps. Sorry this was so long.


You can get ACV at the grocery store. We get ours at HEB on the salad dressing isle by the vinegar.

I've never tried it for weight loss (although I should), but it supposedly speeds up metabolism, helps detoxify the liver, and also helps you not over eat. I think you are supposed to take it (2 tablespoons) before a meal.

Let me know if you try it and how it works. Either way, your body will definitely benefit from ACV.

See ya!

Anonymous said...

OK... I read the note pretty fast and had to go back and make sure it was not Jason that had fleas.

"Some other things that we use ACV for around our home are acid reflux (Jason no longer as acid reflux, fleas)". Sometimes where the lil ) is really can make a difference

You are a very understanding sweet wife, but fleas might cross the line.

Love you all. Glad you had a great time on vacation.

Js Dad

mimi said...

Anyone can get ringworm, since it's a fungus and is easily spread. Not just farm people. It might pop up somewhere else on the body once one ring dries up. Keep a check on her back. Also, after being raised on a farm and then raising my kids on a farm, it's easy for kids to get pinworm--not a fun thing. For that you need prescription medicine. I've heard eating pumpkin seeds prevents pinworms but never tried it. Hmmm. Back to ringworm--it can spread from multi-users on same hand towel in bathroom. Try giving family members good cultured yogurt for awhile.

sheridan said...

Hi Lindsey,

My name is Sheridan and I have so enjoyed reading your blog! I'm very curious where you get all your information on natural remedies and home solutions. Could you give me the names of your essential oils book you mentioned or other books that you trust (I do have the natural clean home book)? Thank you so very much for sharing all your wonderful information!

Heidi said...

I tried drinking it with water and honey but could barely stomach it. After a couple days, I just looked at the bottle and couldn't bring myself to mix some up. I need to give it a try again...

Anonymous said...

OK... you got me interested, so I bought some ACV.

Just did not make sense to me to mix it with a lot of water (& honey) and drink all that, not too good tasting stuff :-(.

I take 2 tablespoons and about an inch of water (lil honey) and drink it like a shot, then immediately drink a whole bunch of water, jump up and down, wiggle, do the hokey pokey, hip hop a bit (depending on the mood) .... to mix it in my stomach.... Figure the end result is about the same and good exercise :-).

Let's see just how good it makes me feel.

Love you all,

Js Dad

Kirby said...

Lyns! I have been using this for my reflux and it has been working wonders!! I love not having to take a prescription drug for this! It works faster and better than any pill I've ever taken! I will be passing it on to all my fellow heartburn preggos.

Evelyn said...

Hey There,

Just found your blog while I was looking for a treatment for ringworm that I just located on my sons shoulder =(

Does it burn when applied? Poor little dude cried when we put it on tonight.

I am going to add lavender to the ACV tomorrow!

Just wondering if your little girlie had a hard time?