Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sailing, Sailing

We went to visit Jason's Dad for Father's Day. He and Gigi took us sailing! They have a sailboat in Kemah.

Jason has been sailing with his Dad before, however this was the girl's and my first experience sailing.

Kaylyn kept asking when she was going to get to jump in and swim. She LOVES the water.

Laney Rae did great in the beginning since it was a new thing to her. But, once the girl feels like she is limited in her roaming, she goes all kinds of crazy! Thank the Lord her Gigi brought Goldfish and a plethera of other snacks.

I found sailing to be pretty relaxing. I can see myself lounging under the sails working on my tan and watching the boats pass by.

Here are some photos I managed to snap while we were on our short trip. Enjoy!

The Kemah Shore

Jason and his Dad, Happy Father's Day!

He looks hot! As in, fine fine super fine.


KK driving with GPaw and Gigi

GPaw & Gigi



Heidi said...

GORGEOUS! Ah, I'm so jealous. :) What a fun day you must have had!

QuiltedSimple said...

That looks like so much fun - you had a fine day for it!!

mandi said...

beautiful pics! the colors on the shot of the boardwalk are perfect- like a water color painting.