Friday, June 6, 2008

You might be a redneck if.........

you put your baby in a camo ATV in a CAR SEAT!

Jason went to move the cows this evening and took with him quite the load.

There are so many things that are 'redneck' in this photo. I don't even know where to begin people!

Let's see- camo buggy (that we could not live without), baby in a diaper, baby in a diaper in a carseat in an ATV, and a farmer with, indeed, a red neck.

We ARE bonafied around here. However, we do have our moments.

The whole car seat thing evolved for the very first time when I had a photo shoot a few weeks ago. Jason had the girls for the evening. Nough said!

When I was loading up the car the next day to go somewhere, I could not find Laney Rae's car seat anywhere around. I looked in the usual places- farm truck, our porch, and even the house.

Baffled by this search, I went to Jason and asked him what had happened to the mysterious car seat.

His reply was simple,"Did you check the buggy?"

My reply was a silent, confused, and astonished look across my face.

Since then, this has been a usual occurance. I've even toted Laney Rae around in the buggy on days that Jason is working and I man the farm. I ain't gonna lie about that. It is pretty convenient. And she LOVES it!

Daddy and his into the sunset!

Have a blessed weekend.


Summer Laney said...

This is too cute and too funny. I love it! I would have to say this more than likely happens in SC too!

D.O. said...

Hilarious. You are hillbilly to the max. But chic. Both.

QuiltedSimple said...

Oh my gosh!!! I'm dyin' laughin here - falling off the seat. But seriously, what a great idea!!!! As I am sure she would not sit still on the seat without being strapped in. And look at that grin - she's loving it. Have a wonderful weekend,

Hendrick Family said...

I love it! So cute.

Anonymous said...

Stinkin' hilarious! I need to get my tail out there and see what all is going on around the farm. I miss you!!