Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Antique Week!!!

Approximately 20 miles from my house, something super fun happens twice a year.

I call it Antique Week. It also known as the "Round Top Antique Fair".

People from all over the nation travel to this small part of Texas to walk miles upon miles in search for all things old.

I happen to be an antique enthusiast. There isn't one piece of furniture in my home that is new other than our awesome leather sofa and loveseat that was an incredible gift to us.

Jason shares the same love with me so antiquing is something fun for us to do as a couple. He tends to lean more towards old wooden boxes, though. I'm serious. He wants to buy every single old wooden box he sees.........good thing they are for the most part cheap and not something hideous like beer steins (sorry if I've offended some of you beer stein collectors out there:). I have a house full of these wooden boxes and have become quite creative at displaying this love of his.

Okay, back to the point of this announcement. It is time again for the Spring Antique Week.

This will take place beginning Thursday, March 27th and ending Sunday, April 6th. You can look at all of the show details and what is open during what times HERE.

The first year that I went to this, my mom, sister, and I wasted our time and money paying for all of the shows that cost money. These are all predominately associated with the original Round Top Antique's Fair. In order to buy some this stuff, you will need a second mortgage....which I don't recommend at all!

Learn from my mistake and just keep driving right on through Round Top until you get to a little town called Warrenton. That is where it is at! Free admission (except parking) and miles and miles of booths. You literally couldn't cover everything in one day. It is that vast!

La Bahia
is another good one to stop at. The parking is free and so is admission. It is much smaller than Warrenton, but I've gotten some really great deals here.

The biggest thing I've learned over the years is that ALL prices are negotiable- just like at a garage sale. I always offer a little less than what is on the price tag. This might be "unspiritual" to some of you out there, but I almost always walk into a booth where the vendor says he will work with you on the prices. It is just assumed that you won't pay what they wrote on the tag.....unless it is the first day. That isn't a great day to go to get good deals, by the way!

Another tip is to bring your camera! There are so many cool things to take photos of. I furnished KK's entire room with school art photos that I took at one of the booths in Warrenton. This place is a photographer's dream- lots of cool textures, bright colors, and old stuff!

Comment and let me know if you are going. If you need a pit stop Station, Bryan, and beyond peeps, you can drop in to Yonder Way Farm.


QuiltedSimple said...

Sounds fun - I love old junk, err antiques - especially the more rustic stuff. I can't wait to see what you come home with!!!

shauna maness said...

seriously lyns... i'm about to pee in my pants! i am so stinkin excited!!
i am thinking about coming your way april 1-2... one day at the farm... one day at the show!!
what do you think???

QuiltedSimple said...

I just looked at the link to get to the information - wonder if it could be considered feasible to fly down there and back in 1 day just to walk around??? LOL. Somehow, I don't think that will fly - but love the pictures from the Warrenton show - especially the one of the old glider and pedal tractors/cars.

shauna maness said...

it's a date!!
i am so stoked!!!

shauna maness said...

oh yeah, and i'm taking you up on that bed sister!!

Steph said...

YES GIRL! For someone I've only actually met once, you are becoming near and dear to my heart! I can hardly wait for Round Top. As soon as the fall show was over, I pretty much started creating "my list" for spring. Yes, I create Round Top lists...there is so much stuff, one must stay focused! I LOVE BEING SO CLOSE! 2 Points for Brenham. I have a couple of dates planned to go. I went to Warrenton for the first time in the fall...great fun. But I do have to say, I love Marburger, even though you have to pay. I'm pretty familiar with the booths and there's not too much rick rack. Anyways, maybe I'll see you there! Happy antiquing!

Sarah Shalley said...

I so wish that I could go. That would be a blast. Maybe I can plan for the fall or next spring. PLEASE take pictures of all your great finds. I'll be so jealous.