Thursday, March 20, 2008


I promise to not make every post on 'Creative Turf' about photography.

But, I stumbled upon this chicks blog and have fallen in love with her photography, colors, and artsy craftsy stuff. She does some pretty cool things to display photos all over her home which I'm a huge fan of.

Danielle Thompson of Thompson Family-Life is a creative genius.

She created this masterpiece out of vinyl wall decals that she designed and had printed. Vinyl wall art is HUGE right now. It sure beats stenciling. There are several companies online that you can submit your own designs to or purchase one of their existing designs. I will have more on these later.

This is one of the most darling ways that I have seen to display a family photo. Those are their real heads and not their real bodies. I LOVE this. Couldn't you see the Kramer crew with overalls on and a tractor in the background or something??? Precious! Claudine Hellmuth did this collage of the Thompson family. You should check out Claudine's website called It rocks!

Here is just a sample of her incredible photography skills. She's got skills!

The creative whiz herself!

HERE is some great advice on photography and post-processing from Danielle. I love that she has a great camera that isn't too extreme compared to what is out there and a few good lenses. She works her magic with her gear that's for sure.

What I love about her photography is that it takes place in her home for the most part and it is of her family. This just goes to show that you don't need fancy background or strobes or loft studio. With a creative eye and anticipating those precious moments that take place within our homes daily, we can capture some of the most beautiful moments.....LIFE as it happens.

You should definitely go over to her blog and check out her stuff. You will be blown away by the vivid colors and creative ways that she captures her family. She also has a great eye for design and has several crafty ideas within her blog. I could post a ton of other pictures, but I want you to go pay her a visit and see for yourself.


Steph said...

Super Cute! Thanks for sharing.

QuiltedSimple said...

Inspiring - I love taking pictures, just never have the patience, or the eye, to see what will look well. Guess I'd better get out there and take some more.


sugarcreekfarm said...

Great link, and I certainly won't mind if every post is about photography :) I have a lot to learn!

Anonymous said...

How cute! Very inspiring! She's adorable! I'm so glad you are doing this Lyns. I spend hours (almost every day!) reading blogs of some of the most creative women ever! I love learning from them and applying it to my own work! And you missy..are my greatest inspiration! Thank you for all that you share with me. I love you bunches!