Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Blog Worthy

Last night was my favorite night thus far in American Idol Season 7.

A musical artist emerged and I saw the MOST creative song arrangement I've ever witnessed on the show.

Normally I know exactly what the song is the minute they open their mouths. But, this took me a bit to figure out (I didn't hear the introduction by Ryan).

'Billy Jean' by Michael Jackson......are you kidding me? That is just sick (in a good way).

David Cook is a musical genius. He is bold, creative, brave, and innovative. I would totally go out and buy his CD right this moment.

I was a HUGE Carly fan from the start. But, David Cook totally stole my vote from her last night.

Can I just say that this is the best season so far on American Idol? I have never liked this many of the contestants. And the guys are showing some mad skills this season. I appreciate true musicians who can get up there and do more than just sing a song.

Michael Johns is another one of my favorites! He did great last night singing a Queen song (which is always a winner in my books).

Bare with me for a moment here and cut me some slack. We don't have cable and this is the only show I even watch on the two channels that we can pick up (salt and pepper style) so I find myself getting really into it this time around.

Who is your favorite???

If you still aren't watching this show with the rest of the entire country, you should. This season is filled with some incredible talents.


BHG & Co. said...

I don't watch idol, so I cannot answer your question. I know, that puts in the 2% of America who has never watched this show... what can I say?

However, after viewing that clip I can think two things:

1. How was Paula Abdul ever popular? (and I still know the words to many of her songs)

and 2, that boy has some mad skills.

The Kramer Family said...

I'm with you Brother Bill on #1 & #2.

Paula's speech was extra slurred and so not to the point last night. It was like pulling teeth listening to her.

I'm a firm believer that after the contestants perform, the ONLY person that they even look forward to hearing criticism/praise from is Simon. His opinion is the ONLY one that matters in my opinion.

QuiltedSimple said...

I watch Idol in pieces parts - watch for a little bit, do something else - watch for a little bit. . . and I never can make up my mind until they get to the top 3 or 4. I think Paula is getting progressively worse with each season that passes - and Simon's comments get better and better.


Steph said...

Hey Lyns, if you ever want to come watch it at my house(without salt and pepper effects :), ESPECIALLY for the finale, you a have an open invitation! We usually tivo though, and cruise through the commercials. :)

Regarding David...a guy commented on my David post that his version wasn't as original as everybody thinks. I'm not sure who the commenter was so I'm not sure what to think. MMM???

Kari said...

Yeah not too sure what was up with Paula last night! And what was that outfit???!

But David for sure stole the show!!! I also like the Aussie and Jason.

Dakota likes the other David the best.

So who do you think will be off tonight?
For sure 1 of the girls!!!

The Kramer Family said...

I'm so ready for Christy Lee Cook to go. She has been in the bottom 3 since the beginning of the show. She is the most un-original of them all.

Seriously, a Lee Greenwood song? I didn't get it no matter what the judges thought. It looked like a performance on Star Search or something.

Steph, that would be so fun! I'm checking into this comment. I have to know!


D.O. said...

Ok, allow me to bring some clarity to this matter, and in so doing sprinkle my opinions all over the place.

First, I'm glad that you blogged about Idol. I love the show, as I shared in a recent post, that got no love. I'm glad we agree on this.

Second, this season is a little less pure than seasons past, as you'll be able to read about in detail here. Unfortunately a lot of these contestants aren't exactly "nobody's", it turns out.

Third, David Cook's version of Billy Jean wasn't exactly original, which you can read about here. I'm not denying that it was good, but it wasn't nearly as creative or original as the judges (and the masses) think.

Opinion time:

- David Cook isn't anything special (sorry). He's just another Creed/Nickleback/Daughtry not good singer.

- Michael Johns, in my opinion, is also nothing to write home about, and I can't believe that the judges loved it.

- I am entirely over Brooke White. She gets on my last nerve.

- I think Ramiele is adorable, and she's good.

- Kristy Lee Cook: I don't like her at all, I'm over her, but she actually did pretty well last night.

- Jason Casro: He's an aggie. I have to like him. But let's face it, he doesn't have the best vocals (certainly not the strongest) on the show.

- Carly Smithson: Good, but doesn't deserve to win, based on the first article I linked to.

- David A: baller, baller, baller. He's amazing. His voice is out of control strong. I love him.

- Syesha: I think she's good. I do.

- Chekieze: He's real nice... not the best.

Hey... you asked.

The Kramer Family said...

Thanks for the comment and linkage D.O.. It sheds light to the 'Billy Jean' conspiracy.

I'm surprised that David Cook didn't give props to the original artist who came up with the arrangement. In the spirit of the show, I think he should have to make sure that people didn't think that he was the original performer of that arrangement- like we all were led to believe.

It is funny that you compared him to all of those people/bands because I happen to like the vocals of all of them. Just me though!

So, I'm guessing that you are all about David A. based on the summary. I think at one point he was on Star Search and actually won.

I agree that this season isn't as 'pure'. It does have some pretty talented folks. I can't deny that.

Thanks for your two cents. I'm always glad to receive it and see what goes on in that brain of yours.


Heather said...

Howdy! I've been reading your blog for about a month now and I'm SO glad you decided to blog about Idol...makes me feel a little better about my reality-show addicted self: if someone who makes their own cleaning products and helps run a farm while raising twins can watch it, then it MUST be okay! :)

Anyway, Ryan did mention in his introduction of David Cook's song that it was Chris Cornell's (former lead singer of Soundgarden and Audioslave) version of the song. So I knew what it would be an alterna-version of a pop song...not that he didn't sing it well...he did. I just agree with the fact that he's not as original as everyone gives him credit for. And now, even though you may not agree, here's my opinion on the rest (in last night's order):

Ramiele: every time I watch it's like I'm watching StarSearch. AWFUL! She needs to go.

Jason: Seriously? How is he still on the show? Because he has pretty eyes? Okay, Sanjaya fans...enough.

Syesha: Getting better as the weeks roll on...last night was her best

Chikezie: If he sings one more Luther Vandross song I'm gonna scream. Go back to the movin' & shakin' we saw 2 weeks ago when Ryan rubbed the sweat off his head.

Brooke: One of my two ponies I picked from the very beginning (we're talking from audition episodes). So original (well...except for last night) and, as my husband likes to say "pure of heart". Come on...the girl has NEVER seen an R-rated movie! I know this has nothing to do with singing, but her talent ranks her among the top three...just for all-around musical talent.

Michael Johns (because none of us can refer to him by just Michael for some reason!): Eh. He was good last night, but I could take him or leave him.

Carley: My other pony fro the get-go. I know, I know...she's had a recording contract before...but the company went under! Seriously! It's not like she was a male stripper (we all know to whom I refer). The girl can SING! Even if you don't think she deserves to win, you can't deny that she's one of the top singers.

David Archuleta: CU-TEEE!!! I know I never have to vote for him because of the ridiculous amounts of teenage girls who vote for him, but what's comforting is the fact that those teeny-boppers armed w/ unlimited texting ability are actually voting for someone who deserves it this time. He's amazing.

Kristy Lee Cook: Are you kidding me? God Bless the USA? Who picks that song? And what were the judges on last night that made them think it was a "brilliant" song choice? The girl has GOT to go!

David Cook: As I said before, he's very talented but he'll probably do better not winning and getting a contract like Chris Daughtry did (did someone else mention he sounds just like him? Cuz he does). And because the vast majority of America doesn't realize that he's not that original, he'll go a lot further.

There...there's my two cents. Oh more (that some have already touched on): can we please lose Paula? Seriously!!!! The girl has lost it. Her mind, her credibility as a judge, her ability to speak in complete sentences, her FASHION SENSE! What was she wearing last night!?!?!?!? I honestly usually fast forward through her talking because it's nothing but "you look fabulous" and "you could sing the phonebook" and "you are all the colors of the rainbow". I'm done. :) Feel free to rant on, everyone! And Lyns, thanks for starting the talk! Last year I was almost griped off of Xanga for my anti-Sanjaya comments.

Sarah Shalley said...

I love that you watch this and posted about it. I don't care about stats. I love little David and I really like Brooke. Just my opinion though.

Garratts said...

I am not going to make a long comment because everything DO said I agree with completely.

Preach it brother.

Anonymous said...

So I'm behind and should have posted before the elimination last night..but I loooovveeeee David Cook! And Brooke White. She's adorable and I love her at the piano. I picture her as a Norah Jones type. I would buy her CD in a minute. Have you downloaded any itunes of these 2?

Heidi said...

I'm coming in late... Even if David Cook isn't as original as everyone thinks he is, I still give him a 10 for song choice, arrangement choice, and performance. I enjoy his performances more than any other.

I'm appreciating how distinctive the contestants are this year. Brooke and David A. are my other favorites. Michael Johns is right up there.

Syesha and Ramiele have great voices and are adorable, but they just haven't made enough of an impression on me. Particularly Ramiele. She sounds like a good singer singing other people's songs...

For some reason, Carly has never clicked with me.

Kristy Lee Cook did okay last night, but she doesn't deserve to be in the top 10. Jason isn't really my style.

theBirkenfelds said...

Ok so I suppose I am late too but it's okay because I would have said almost everything Heather said, I "completely agree" with her.

And just because of my frustration I have to extra dawg on Paula! Brock and I replay her parts sometimes and laugh and laugh at how many times she repeats herself, doesn't finish, or just plain makes no sense at all!

Oh yeah, and not that I love Chikezie but I'm pretty sure he is 10x better than Kristy Lee- there is no reason she should be singing next week.

Ok, I'm done. :)